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way can be scary and frustrating – yet we move forward (“The March of Time”). The legacy and life cycle between parents and children is sweetly reflected by the men in “Fathers of Fathers.” The heartbreak of love, both lasting and fleeting, is shared by the women in “It’s Never That Easy / I’ve Been Here Before.” Finally, some doors that have been locked open up and shed light on the trials, hopes, joys and pains that other doors have exposed. Whether opened or closed, these doors “can only make us stronger than ever, clearer than ever... ‘Closer Than Ever.’” MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Doors 2. She Loves Me Not 3. You Want to Be My Friend? 4. What Am I Doin'? 5. The Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster and the Mole 6. Like a Baby 7. I'll Get Up Tomorrow Morning 8. Miss Byrd 9. The Sound of Muzak 10. One of the Good Guys 11. There's Nothing Like It 12. Life Story 13. Next Time 14. I Wouldn't Go Back 15. Three Friends 16. Fandango 17. There 18. Patterns 19. Another Wedding Song 20. If I Sing 21. Back on Base 22. The March of Time 23. Fathers of Fathers 24. It's Never That Easy 25. I've Been Here Before 26. Closer Than Ever CAST: 2 men, 2 women INSTRUMENTATION: piano, double bass db bass guitar Vocal Selection York Theatre Company Closer Than Ever: Original Cast Recording by David Shire