Shows "C"

22. Song - Boobhamba and Chorus - "A Happy New Year." 23. Song - Nanoya - "You met a little girl one day..." 24. Duet - Peggy and Chambhuddy - "In a jungle once on a time..." 25. Finale - Act II - "Cingalee, Cingalee..." Addendum - Song - Lady Patricia - "You and I, and I and you..." CAST • Harry Vereker (A Tea Planter) • Boobhamba (A Noble of Kandy) • Sir Peter Loftus (High Commissioner and Judge, Ceylon) • Myamgah (An Indian Servant) • Bobby Warren, Dick Bosanquet, Freddie Lowther, Jack Clinton, Willie Wilson (Pupils of Vereker on the Tea Plantation) • Captain of The Guard • Attendant • Chambhuddy Ram (A Baboo Lawyer) • Nanoya (A Cingalese Girl) • Peggy Sabine • Naitooma, Sattambi, Mychellah, Coorowe (Four Tea Girls on Vereker's Plantation) • Angy Loftus (Sir Peter's Daughter) • Miss Pinkerton, Fräulein Weiner, Mademoiselle Chic, Signorina Tasso (Angy's Governesses) • Lady Patricia Vane SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I - Vereker's Tea Plantation, "Karagama," Ceylon Act II - Boobhamba's Palace by the Lake of Kandy Programme Cover Reproduced courtesy of Don Gillan (Copyright), Libretto - Facsimile The Monckton Album containing songs from “The Cingalee”