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CINDY-ELLA or I Gotta Shoe Garrick Theatre, London - 17 December, 1962 (season) Revue conceived by Caryl Brahms and Ned Sherrin. Traditional music; additional music by Peter Knight and Ron Grainer I Gotta Shoe was originally commissioned by the BBC and originally broadcast on radio in 1957. Following that, it was adapted into a novel, a stage show, and a gramophone record. CINDY-ELLA is set in no regulation fairyland. We cannot say for sure whether we have set our Fairyland down in the Deep South or removed the Deep South to our Fairyland; certainly we have borrowed the Cinderella story from Perrault and told it as a Mammy might tell the tale of Cindy-Ella to her little girl in a tenement yard in New Orleans. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. I Gotta Shoe 2. Troubles of the World 3. Motherless Child 4. Shine Shine Shoe 5. L'il Ella, Play On Yo' Harp 6. Round Like a Melon, Sweet Like a Peach 7. You Ain't a Gonna Sit and Take Yo' Ease 8. Go 'Way F'om Ma Window 9. Man No Good For Nothin' 10. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen 11. You're Worried Now 12. You Gotta Look Disdainful 13. Stranger 14. Git Along Home, Cindy, Cindy 15. High Summer Day 16. Look On Me With a Loving Eye 17. There's a Man Goin' 18. Roun' Givin' Cards 19. Raise a Ruckus 20. Plenty Good Room 21. Bring A Little Pumpkin, Cindy 22. Cindy-Ella 23. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 24. Nobody's Business 25. Oh the First Time 26. Reprise: Look On Me 27. With a Loving Eye 28. De Midnight Special 29. Let Me Hold Your Hand 30. Hush-A-Bye 31. Reprise: I Gotta Shoe 32. Reprise: Stranger 33. Reprise: Hush-A-Bye DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast Recording starring Cleo Lane, Elisabeth Welch, Cy Grant & George Browne - MCSR 3009