Shows "C"

(Stepsister's Lament), though naturally they do not recognise their stepsister. In the ballroom, the Grand Waltz is played and danced with much more animation. The Prince declares his love for Cinderella (Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?), but their tender scene is interrupted by the clock chiming midnight and her frightened escape from the palace, leaving her glass slipper as she goes. ACT III The next morning, Cinderella is serving breakfast to her mother, Joy and Portia. Having heard their reports of the ball, she pretends to imagine what it might he like going there (When You're Driving Through the Moonlight), arriving and entering the ball and dancing with the Prince (A Lovely Night). The others are carried away by her graphic description and sing their own wacky version of A Lovely Night. The Prince is determined to find the owner of the slipper, despite his mother's serious warning that a girl he only met for a few minutes may not be the one he should spend the rest of his life with. The Herald tries many feet in the city square and searches the houses, but Cinderella is not in her house at all, so after her stepmother and stepsisters have each tried in vain to make the slipper fit them, their frantic efforts to keep the Herald away were actually not needed. Cinderella is in the Palace garden and is found by the Prince, who is dejected at the lack of success in the quest and throws the slipper away. Happily the Godmother (hidden in the bushes) catches it and replaces it on the bench next to the Prince, just as he remembers he should try it on Cinderella. Of course it fits and our show ends with a resplendent wedding, in which the Godmother reminds us that "impossible things are happening every day". MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. "Overture" (instrumental) 2. "The Prince Is Giving a Ball" (Herald and Chorus) 3. "Cinderella March" (instrumental) 4. "In My Own Little Corner" (Cinderella) 5. "The Prince Is Giving a Ball" (Reprise) (Chorus) 6. "Your Majesties" (Royal Dressing Room Scene) (King, Queen, Chef, Steward) 7. "In My Own Little Corner" (Reprise) (Cinderella) 8. "Impossible; It's Possible" (Cinderella and Fairy Godmother) Act II 9. "Gavotte" (instrumental) 10. "Ten Minutes Ago I Saw You" (Prince and Cinderella) 11. "Stepsisters' Lament" (Stepsisters) 12. "Waltz for a Ball" (instrumental and Chorus) 13. "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" (Prince and Cinderella) 14. "Never In a Thousand Years" (eventually omitted from the production) Act III 15. "When You're Driving Through the Moonlight" (Cinderella, Stepmother, Stepsisters) 16. "A Lovely Night" (Cinderella, Stepmother, Stepsisters) 17. "The Search" (instrumental) 18. "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" (reprise) (Prince) 19. "Wedding" (instrumental) 20. "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" (reprise) (Chorus)