Shows "C"

Chrysanthemum did make it to America where it starred Patrice Munsel at Palm Beach. Contractual problems scuppered any chance of a Broadway opening. Then came the film Thoroughly Modern Millie which has a plot line too similar to Chrysanthemum for the latter to have succeeded at the time. CAST: (in order of appearance) (daughters of Captain Brown) • Lily • Daisy • Rose • Lavender • Violet (their boy friends) • Sam • Tom • Joe • Willie • Captain Brown (a retired sea captain) • Uncle Fred (his other-in-law) • Bob Brown (his son) • Chrysanthemum Brown (his eldest daughter) • Ma Carroty • John Blessington-Briggs • Mary Ann Blessington-Briggs • Emily (Mary Ann's personal maid) • Ching Loo • 1st Lady of Limehouse • 2nd Lady of Limehouse • 3rd Lady of Limehouse • 1st Suffragette (Mrs. Potts) • 2nd Suffragette (Edith) • 3rd Suffragette (Monica) • 4th Suffragette • James (the Blessington-Brigg's butler) • Harriet (their parlour maid) • Pepe • Gertie, Horace - (a couple outside "The Rose & Crown") • A Newspaper Boy • 1st Chinaman • 1st Thug • 2nd Thug • A Police Officer • Firemen. Singers and dancers; Guests & Friends of the Browns, Limehouse Characters, Wedding Guests, Couples in the Park, Passers By., etc. Original London Cast Recording