Shows "C"

doubts. They are saved however by Columbus who, wasting no time, had immediately married Princess Minnehaha on his arrival the day before and is now honorary chief of the tribe. What is more he has discovered gold - not quite the kind they'd been thinking of, but enough to make millionaires of them all. Pausing long enough only to name the New World, and for Luis to announce his engagement to Beatriz, they set sail back to Spain. Scenes and Settings ACT ONE A Square in Cordova in 1492. ACT TWOThe Royal Palace ACT THREE Aboard the Santa Maria ACT FOUR A deep forest, somewhere in downtown Manhattan. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Overture (Les Bavards - overture) 2. Couplets of the Castanets (Maitre Peronilla - couplet des Petits Valets) 3. Columbus' Serenade (Les Braconniers - Serenade) 4. Waltz of Surrender (Boule de Neige - Valse du Divorce) 5. Trio of the Three Wives (Les Braconniers - quintet no.11) 6. (a) Fleurette's chanson (Docteur Ox - Marche Bohemienne) 7. (b) Rosa's rondo (Belle Lurette - rondeau) 8. (c) Gretel's Tyrolienne (Le 66 - Tyrolienne) 9. The world is round (Vert-Vert - couplets dialogues) 10. Married Man duet (Maitre Peronilla - introduction) 11. Finale (Boule de Neige - Finale Act 1) Act 2 12. Chorus (La Creole - chorus no. 4) 13. Fanfare (Voyage dans la Lune - fanfare) 14. Isabella's Hangover Song (Belle Lurette - couplets du souper) 15. Polka of arrest (Madame l'Archiduc - polka de l'arrestation) 16. Columbus' plea (Le Pont des Soupirs - Le Reve) 17. Love duet (Les 3 baisers du Diable - grand duo dramatique) 18. Couplets de Ferdinand (Les Bergers - couplets no.15B) 19. Jewel Song (La Boulangere a des Ecus - quartet no. 6) 20. Finale 21. a) Introduction (La Princesse de Trebizonde - finale Act 2) 22. b) Conclusion (Docteur Ox - finale Act 2) Act 3 23. Barcarolle (La Creole - barcarolle) 24. Seasick song (La Princess de Trebizonde - couplets du Mal de Dents) 25. Lovely Night (Vert-Vert - Belle Nuit) 26. Storm (Vent du Soir - L'Orage) 27. Off the map (La Boite au Lait - quartet no.4) 28. Overboard ensemble (Mesdames de la Halle - ensemble no.8) 29. Couplets of Beatriz (Dragonette - couplets no.6) 30. Finale (Maitre Peronilla - finale Act 2)