Shows "C"

17. Nothing to Do With Me (reprise) - Scrooge 18. Christmas Together (reprise) - People of London 19. God Bless Us, Everyone (Finale) - Company SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in London, 1880. • Scene 1: A Graveyard near St. Paul's Cathedral, Christmas Eve. • Scene 2: The Royal Exchange. • Scene 3: The Street. • Scene 4: Scrooge's House. • Scene 5: Scrooge's Bed Chamber. • Scene 6: The Law Courts. • Scene 7: The Factory. • Scene 8: Fezziwig's Banking House. • Scene 9: Montage. • Scene 10: A Starry Night. • Scene 11: All Over London. • Scene 12: The Graveyard. • Scene 13: Scrooge's Bed Chamber. • Scene 14: The Street, Christmas Day. CAST (in order of their appearance): Punch and Judy Man Punch and Judy Woman Organ Grinder Grave Digger Mr. Smythe Jack Smythe Grace Smythe Scrooge Crachit Charity Men Old Joe Match Girl Street Urchins and Children Sandwich Board Man Fred Jonathan Lamplighter Blind Hag Mrs. Mops Ghost of Jacob Marley Ghost of Christmas Past Judge Scrooge at 8 Fan at 6 Scrooge's Mother Scrooge's Father Mr. Kent Scrooge at 12 Fan at 10 Fezziwig Scrooge at 18 Marley, as a young man Mrs. Fezziwig Emily Ghost of Christmas Present Tiny Tim Mrs. Crachit The Crachit Children Sally, Fred's wife: Undertakers Ghost of Christmas Future Business Men, Ghosts, Gifts and the People of London