Shows "C"

The ghost presents Scrooge with a lavish array of Christmas treats which all come to life and dance. Next the ghost whisks Scrooge off to Bob Cratchit's house where the family enjoys "Christmas Together." "Christmas Together" continues with a visit to Fred's house, where everyone toasts Scrooge, despite his absence; finally, all of London celebrates love, friendship, and family--the true joys of Christmas, "together, all over the earth." The ghost shows Scrooge how fragile Tiny Tim is; then he reveals two more children in a desperate state of need: they are Ignorance and Want. When asked if Tiny Tim will live, Scrooge is told that if these shadows remain unaltered by the future, the child will die. Scrooge begs to know what he can do to change the future, but the clock strikes Three and he is whisked to St. Paul's graveyard by the ominous Ghost of Christmas Yet To Be. (Blind Old Hag). Gravediggers are digging a grave. Scrooge doesn't know who has died. A corpse is unceremoniously dumped from its bed while the undertakers strip the body of its clothes and bedclothes. Scrooge sees the Cratchit family grieving over the grave of Tiny Tim. Finally he sees his own name on a gravestone, and understands that he will die alone and unmourned. He vows to change his ways, "Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today." Scrooge has a miraculous vision of children singing like angels ("God Bless Us Every One"), but his joy is interrupted by the ghost, who tries to wrap him in a shroud and wrestle him into his own grave. It is suddenly Christmas morning and Scrooge wakes up, wrestling with his own bed sheets! Thrilled to realize he hasn’t missed Christmas, he gives a young boy money to buy a prize turkey. Dancing through the streets of London, Scrooge sings "let it all have to do with me!" as he hands out charity, forgives Mr. Smythe his debt, and amazes the Lamplighter, Blind Old Hag and Sandwich board Man with his generosity; then he goes out into the audience, giving out candies and treats. Scrooge delivers the prize turkey to the Cratchits and promises to raise Bob's salary and help his struggling family. Carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulders, Scrooge goes to his nephew's house hoping to be allowed to come to dinner. Fred and Sally sing, "Welcome home, Uncle Scrooge, welcome home to family." It starts to snow and everyone sings a reprise of "Christmas Together," and all build a giant snowman. Tiny Tim calls out, "And God bless us, every one!" And the musical ends with the song, "God Bless Us Every One"--"Star by star up above, and kindness by human kindness, light this world with your love/And God bless us every one." MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Years Are Passing By - Gravedigger 2. Jolly, Rich and Fat (A Jolly Good Time) - Charity Men, Smythe Family, Businessmen, Wives, Children 3. Nothing to Do With Me - Scrooge, Cratchit 4. Street Song (Nothing to Do With Me) - People of London, Scrooge, Fred, Jonathan, Sandwich Board Man, Lamplighter, Blind Hag, Jack Smythe 5. Link By Link - Ghost of Jacob Marley, Scrooge, Ghosts 6. The Lights of Long Ago (Part 1) - Lamplighter 7. God Bless Us, Everyone - Scrooge's Mother, Fan (aged 6), Scrooge (aged 8) 8. A Place Called Home - Scrooge (aged 12), Fan (aged 10), Scrooge 9. Mr. Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball - Fezziwig, Mrs Fezziwig, Guests 10. A Place Called Home (reprise) - Emily, Scrooge (aged 18), Scrooge 11. The Lights of Long Ago (Part 2) - Scrooge (aged 18), Marley as a Young Man, Emily, People from Scrooge's Past 12. Abundance and Charity - Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge, Christmas Presents 13. Christmas Together - Tiny Tim, Cratchit, Mrs Cratchit, Crachit Children, Fred, Fred's Wife, Scrooge, People of London 14. Dancing on Your Grave - Grave Diggers, Ghost of Christmas Future, Minks, Businessmen, Mrs Mopps, Undertakers, Old Joe, Mr Smythe, Cratchit 15. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Scrooge, Angels, People of London 16. The Years Are Passing By (reprise) - Jonathan