Shows "C"

SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY Act One • Scene 1. "THE GOLDEN GARTER" Deadwood City, Dakota Territory. • Scene 2. THE STAR DRESSING-ROOM Bijou Theatre, Chicago. • Scene 3. "THE GOLDEN GARTER" again. Act Two • Scene 1. CALAMITY JANE'S CABIN. • Scene 2. A TRAIL through a Pass in the Black Hills. • Scene 3. FORT SCULLY. • Scene 4. THE TRAIL again. • Scene 5. "THE GOLDEN GARTER" MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. "THE DEADWOOD STAGE" (Calamity and Ensemble). 2. "CARELESS WITH THE TRUTH " (Calamity, Bill and Men). 3. "ADELAIDE " (Bill and Men). 4. "EV'RYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT THE WEATHER" (Fryer). 5. "MEN!" (Calamity). 6. "HIVE FULL OF HONEY" (Fryer). 7. "I CAN Do WITHOUT YOU" (Calamity and Bill). 8. "IT'S HARRY I'M PLANNING TO MARRY " (Adelaide and Stage- Door-Johnnies). 9. "WINDY CITY" (Calamity and Chorus). 10. "KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT" (Katie). 11. "A WOMAN'S TOUCH" (Calamity and Katie). 12. "HIGHER THAN A HAWK" (Bill). 13. "THE BLACK HILLS OF DAKOTA " (Chorus). 14. "LOVE YOU DEARLY" (Katie and Danny). 15. "MY SECRET LOVE" (Calamity). FULL SCORE CAST RECORDING ORIGINAL FILM SOUNDTRACK DVD - CALAMITY JANE Doris Day - Forever associated with the role of Calamity in the film “Calamity Jane”