Shows "C"

CAST (in order of appearance) Beggar: Joseph Crawford. Servants to Dr. Singh Auntie Uncle Rainath Jaya Rajendra Krishna Mohan Roy Servant to Mohan Roy Station Master Sita Roy Lady Christine FitzSimons Dr. Rashil Singh Dr. MacGowan The Matchmaker The Prospective Brides (5) Twins Children of the Town; Priest; Townspeople, Hindus, Muslims, Vendors, Beggars: Dancers SCENES AND SETTINGS The story is laid in the little town of Akbarabad, India, at the present time. Act 1 Scene 1: The Railroad Station in Akbarabad. Scene 2: The Study in Dr. Rashil Singh's home. Scene 3: Outside the Clinic. Scene 4: The Living Room, six days later. Scene 5: The Veranda, two months later. Scene 6: The Living Room. Scene 7: The Veranda. Scene 8: The Drawing Room. Scene 9: The Clinic. Scene 10: The City Square. Act 2 Scene 1: The Veranda at Rashil's house. Scene 2: An open plain. Scene 3: A Shrine. Scene 4: The Living Room. Scene 5: The Veranda. Scene 6: The Drawing Room. Scene 7: The Veranda. Scene 8: Mohan Roy's Home. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. Welcome Song - Auntie, Uncle, Rainath, Children, Chorus 2. My Indian Family - Lady Christine 3. A Doctor's Soliloquy - Dr Rashil Singh 4. UNICEF Song - Children 5. My Little Lost Girl - Lady Christine, Dr Rashil Singh 6. I'm Just a Little Sparrow - Jaya, Auntie, Rainath, Servants, Children 7. We're Just a Pair of Sparrows - Lady Christine, Jaya 8. Cobra Ritual Dance - Rainath, Dancers 9. How to Pick a Man a Wife - Auntie, Uncle 10. The Lovely Girls of Akbarabad - Matchmaker, Chorus 11. Room in My Heart - Lady Christine 12. The Divali Festival - Rainath, Dancers, Singers 13. I Never Meant to Fall in Love - Dr Rashil Singh, Lady Christine ACT 2 14. Freedom Can Be a Most Uncomfortable Thing - Auntie, Friends 15. Ireland Was Never Like This - Lady Christine, Dancers 16. He Loves Her - Sita Roy 17. Christine - Dr Rashil Singh