Shows "C"

ACT TWO It is the Vulgarian Town Square where the townspeople along with the Baron and Baroness welcome the arrival of Mr Potts, the inventor - or so they think. Grandpa is somewhat confused but soon realises he is in a place that does not tolerate children nor failure. To test his knowledge of inventions the Baron insists Grandpa Potts makes the Royal Car a magical one with the help of the local inventors. Chitty flies overhead just before the Baron attempts to have Grandpa shot and a welcoming party is sent to find the car and its passengers. Caractacus, Truly, Jeremy and Jemima befriend the Toymaker who warns them children are forbidden in Vulgaria ... they have all been captured by the Childcatcher who patrols the streets. The Toymaker hides the family in his toy shop in which he is building the toys for the Baron's birthday. The Childcatcher however tricks Jeremy and Jemima and captures them whilst Caractacus and the Toymaker visit the Vulgarian children that have been saved and hidden away from the evil henchman. Under the town, in the sewers, Caractacus meets the pathetic creatures, hungry and cold. He is interrupted by Truly who has climbed down into the sewers to tell everyone of Jeremy and Jemima's impending fate. They all decide to band together to save the day and together hatch a plan. The Baron and Baroness get ready for the birthday party swiftly followed by Bombie's birthday surprise. After infiltrating the party Caractacus and Truly disguised as dolls lead the attack on the Palace guards. After finding Jeremy, Jemima and Grandpa with the help of Chitty, the family fly off into the night with Vulgaria a happier place without the forces of evil ruling over the people and everyone lives happily ever after! MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Opening - Commentator & Company 3. You Two ThemThree - Caratacus, Jermey and Jemima 4. Toot Sweets - Caratacus, Truly Scrumptious, Lord Scrumptious & Ensemble 5. Think Vulgar! - Boris & Goran 6. Hushabye Mountain - Caratacus 7. Come to the Funfair - Company 8. Me Ol' Bamboo - Caratacus & Company 9. Posh - Grandpa Potts, Jeremy and Jemima 10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Caratacus, Truly, Jeremy and Jemima 11. Truly Scrumptious - Jeremy, Jemima & Truly 12. Chitty Chitty Bang Ban (Nautical reprise) - Caratacus, Truly Jeremy & Jemima 13. Finale Act 1 - Chitty Takes Flight - Company 14. Vulgarian National Anthem - Company 15. The Roses of Success - Grandpa Potts & Inventors 16. Kiddy-Widdy-Winkies - Childcatcher 17. Teamwork - Caratacus, Toymaker, Truly & Children 18. Chi-Chi Face - Baron & Baroness 19. The Bombie Samba - Baroness, Baron and Ensemble 20. Doll on a Music Box / Truly Scrumptious (Reprise) - Truly & Caratacus 21. You Two / Chitty Prayer - Jermey & Jemima 22. Finale - Chitty Flies Home - Company CAST OF CHARACTERS • Coggins • Jeremy Potts • Jemima Potts