Shows "C"

red are twining" 18. Duet - Hi Lung & Mrs. Pineapple ("Marie") - "We'll give some little tit-bits from the plays" 19. Duet - Emperor & Fi Fi - "Now once there was a Mandarin, who for a sweetheart yearn'd" 20. Song - Fi Fi & Chorus - "You no doubt heard of the happy home where music is ador'd" 21. Finale Act II - "For he is the bridegroom and she is the bride" SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS 1. Sestet - Hang Chow, Mi Mi, Hi Lung, Yen Yen, Chippee, & Fi Fi - "The force of good example is a power beyond dispute" 2. Song - "Maidee of Ohio" - "I'se a coloured lady and I've just come up to town" 3. Song & Chorus (singer unspecified) - "While passing through the busy streets of busy London town" 4. Cake Walk and Two-Step CAST • Hang Chow (Emperor of Ylang Ylang) • Chippee Chop (Lord Chancellor) • Hi Lung (Lord High Admiral) • Tom Hatherton • Mr Pineapple • Florrie, Violet, Millie and Gertie (bridesmaids to Mrs P) • Mrs Brown (official mother-in-law) • Yen Yen and Sing Sing (maids of honour to Soo Soo) • Mi Mi (a waitress) • Soo Soo (the Emperor's niece) • Mrs Pineapple – Marie Dainton • Fi Fi (waitress at the hotel) SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I - The Gardens of the Hotel at Ylang Ylang. Act II - Room in the Emperor's Palace. "I Want to be a Lidy" I want to have an evening dress that opens down to there, And wear a great big diamond ta-ra-ra in my hair; And when I to the playhouse go, I want to do the grand With a wreath of flowers on my breast, and a bucket in my hand. I want to be a lidy, and have a private box, I want to wag a great big fan, and shake my golden locks, I want to hiss the villain, and cheer the maid forlorn, So that folks will know, when I say "Bravo!" I'm a lidy bred and born I want to learn to patter French, just like a parlez-vous, And call my servants "garçons" and my letters "billy-doos," And when I go a-visiting, and on my friends I drop, I want to say "Pardon, Mamselle, I hope I'm not de trop." The Emperor does not find his bride as bashful as he had expected. EMPEROR: Let us rather talk about our wedding. FI FI: Our wedding! Well, I must say, your highness, you didn't waste much time over preliminaries. HI LUNG: You'll pardon me ladies, but a friend of mine has fallen desperately in love with ....... GIRLS: ..... with me! HI LUNG: ...... Well, with one of you.