Shows "C"

7. A Little Bit of Good – Mary Sunshine 8. We Both Reached for the Gun – Billy, Roxie, Mary and the Reporters 9. Roxie – Roxie and the Boys 10. I Can't Do It Alone – Velma 11. Chicago After Midnight – Orchestra 12. My Own Best Friend – Roxie and Velma Act 2 13. Entr'acte – Orchestra 14. I Know a Girl – Velma 15. Me and My Baby – Roxie and Company 16. Mr. Cellophane – Amos 17. When Velma Takes the Stand – Velma and the Boys 18. Razzle Dazzle – Billy and Company 19. Class – Velma and Mama Morton 20. Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag – Velma and Roxie 21. Finale – Company “The unfailing brightness and sheer good fun of Chicago do nothing to disguise the satire at its core. This exuberant American musical... Its music and lyrics are at all times splendidly apt”... Plays and Players CAST: 19 parts, 5 principals, (M9 F 10) 14 members of strong dance chorus who sing and double parts. • Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, featured dancers, act and sing. • Billy, dashing, mature actor, sings. • Matron, character woman with strong singing voice, dances. • Amos Hart, character man, sings. Smaller Roles Liz, Annie, June, Hunyak, Mona Four girls in the chorus are exceptional support dancers with good voices. Choreography: Jazz, tap, male striptease (to shorts), production numbers. SETTING One basic set to suggest various venues: Chicago, a bedroom, the jail, a Courtroom, etc. SCENES AND SETS: 2 acts, a unit set. Billy's office fly-in, set pieces, jail bar units, courtroom, furniture on winch wagon units. Elevators, one large drum up center on platform level, and four small pivot drum elevators at the four corners of the center drum. Winch-driven wagon brings on the partial set units. "Chicago" logo scrim. ORCHESTRATION Reed 1 (soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet, piccolo), Reed 2 (soprano sax, tenor sax, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet), Reed 3 (soprano sax, tenor sax, clarinet, baritone sax, bass clarinet), Trumpets 1 & 2, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Tuba/Bass, Banjo, Violin, Percussion, Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2, piano/conductor's score. LIGHTING and SPECIAL EFFECTS Tight, dramatic, colorful lighting throughout. Backstage follow spot. Neon signs: -Chicago-the late 20's" and