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Molokov reveals to Walter that Florence’s father is alive in Budapest, who in turn reveals this to Florence. Pressured by this information and the strain on her relationship with Anatoly, Florence turns to Svetlana for solace. Anatoly, having heard the news of Florence’s father, cannot focus on the match at hand, and so Florence asks Freddie for a postponement, but he refuses and breaks down on live television, reflecting how his broken childhood made him who he is today. In the meantime, Molokov brings Florence to see a man claiming to be her father and the two joyously reconnect. In the deciding game of the match, Anatoly resolves to ensure that Florence is reunited with her father. He thus chooses to recant his defection and makes a tactical error during the game. Freddie immediately takes advantage of the blunder and proceeds to win the tournament, becoming the new world champion. Florence and Anatoly reflect on the conclusion of their romance. Florence is left alone to wait for her father when she is approached by Walter, who confesses that the old man is not her father, who is most likely dead. It seems that Molokov struck a deal with Walter that if the Russians managed to get Anatoly back, they would release a captured American spy; using Florence, they succeeded. Florence has now left Freddie, been abandoned by Anatoly, and lost the father she never had, realising that she too has been used, and she sadly mirrors Anatoly’s earlier sentiment that her only borders lie around her heart. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. “Prologue”: 2. “The Story of Chess” – Gregor 3. “Freddie’s Entrance” – Freddie 4. “Press Conference” – Florence and Reporters 5. “Where I Want to Be” – Anatoly 6. “Argument” – Florence and Freddie 7. “Merchandisers” – Walter and Vendors 8. “Diplomats” – Molokov and Delegates 9. “Chess Hymn” – Ensemble 10. “Chess #1” – Instrumental 11. “Quartet (Model of Decorum and Tranquility)” – Molokov, Florence, Arbiter, and Anatoly 12. “The American and Florence” – Florence and Freddie 13. “Someone Else’s Story” – Florence 14. “One Night in Bangkok” – Freddie and Ensemble 15. “Terrace Duet” – Florence and Anatoly 16. “Who’d Ever Think It?” – Freddie 17. Chess #2 – Instrumental 18. “Florence Quits” / “A Taste of Pity” – Florence and Freddie / Freddie 19. “Nobody’s Side” – Florence 20. “Reporters” – Reporters 21. “Anthem” – Anatoly Act 2 22. “The Arbiter” – The Arbiter and Reporters 23. “Hungarian Folk Song” – Ensemble 24. “Heaven Help My Heart” – Florence 25. “Winning” – Walter and Freddie 26. “You and I” – Florence and Anatoly 27. “Where I Want to Be (Reprise)” – Svetlana 28. “You and I (Reprise)” – Anatoly and Svetlana 29. “Freddie Goes Metal” – Freddie 30. “Let’s Work Together” – Molokov and Walter 31. “I Know Him So Well” – Florence and Svetlana 32. “Pity the Child” – Freddie 33. “Father’s Lullaby” (Apukád erős kezén) – Gregor and Florence 34. “Endgame” – Arbiter, Nikolai, Ben, Freddie, Anatoly, and Ensemble 35. “You and I (Reprise)” – Florence and Anatoly 36. “Finale” – Florence Original Cast Recording Broadway Cast Recording Concert Cast Recording