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CHEE CHEE A Musical Narrative (Comedy) in 2 Acts, 7 Scenes. Book by Herbert Fields. Based on the novel The Son of the Grand Eunuch by Charles Pettit. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. : Produced by Lew Fields. Mansfield Theatre, New York - Opened 25 September 1928; closed 20 October 1928 (31 perfs.) SYNOPSIS The story told of the successful attempt of Li-Pi Tchou to inherit his father’s position as Grand Eunuch without paying the usual price. He and his wife, Chee-Chee, suffer banishment in a forest. They arrange for a friend, first to kidnap and then substitute for the surgeon and Li-Pi-Tchou is led off to his supposed emasculation. This then arranges their happy ending. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. We're Men of Brains - Eunuchs (Men's Ensemble) 2. I Am a Prince - Prince Tao-Tee 3. In a Great Big Way - Li-Li-Wee 4. The Most Majestic of Domestic Officials (Entrance of the Grand Eunuch) - Ensemble 5. Holy of Holies - Li-Pi-Siao, Li-Li-Wee 6. Her Hair Is Black as Licorice (Food Solo) - Li-Pi-Siao 7. Dear, Oh Dear - Chee-Chee, Li-Pi-Tchou 8. Await Your Love (Concubines' Song) - Li-Pi-Siao, Miss Smile of a Rose, Ensemble 9. Joy Is Mine - Li-Pi-Tchou 10. I Wake at Morning - Li-Pi-Tchou 11. I Grovel to Earth (Chee-Chee's First Entrance) - Chee-Chee 12. Just a Little Thing - Li-Pi-Tchou, Chee-Chee 13. You Are Both Agreed (Finaletto Scene 1) - Li-Pi-Siao, Li-Pi-Tchou, Chee-Chee 14. I Must Love You - Chee-Chee, Li-Pi-Tchou 15. Owl Song (Song of the Owl) - A Very Narrow Minded Owl 16. I Must Love You (reprise) 17. I Bow a Glad Good Day (Tavern Opening) - Innkeeper, Li-Pi-Siao, Ensemble 18. Better Be Good to Me - Li-Li-Wee, Prince Tao-Tee 19. The Tartar Song - Tartar Chief, Ensemble 20. Chee-Chee's Second Entrance - (Chee-Chee) 21. Finale (Act 1) ACT 2 22. Khonghouse Song - Li-Pi-Tchou, Ensemble 23. Sleep, Weary Head - Chee-Chee 24. Singing a Love Song - Tartar Chief, Ensemble 25. Monastery Opening 26. Chinese Dance 27. Living Buddha (Impassive Buddha) - The Grand Prior 28. Moon of My Delight - Li-Li-Wee, Prince Tao-Tee