Shows "C"

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN Musical. Based on the book by Frank Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Dramatised by Christopher Sergel. Score by David Rogers and Mark Bucci. An exuberant score brings a special enchantment to this outstanding musical comedy. STORY Dad was (in fact) one of the great pioneers in industrial efficiency and he sings to his large family, 'What works in the factory works in the home." His older daughters, however, rebel against their father. Anne, the oldest, sings of her coming independence "On My Own," unaware that her father has a heart condition and is driving them toward super-efficiency so the family will be able to survive better when he's gone. What Daddoesn't realise is that Anne has grown. The breaking apart of Anne and her father and then their coming to a special maturity and mutual respect give meaning and emotion to what is otherwise a delightful and original comedy romp! CHARACTERS - Cast: 10m., 7w., flexible chorus. • Dad • Mother • Anne • Ernestine • Martha • Frank • Bill • Lilian • Fred • Jane • Jackie • Dr. Burton • Mac • Joe • Larry • Miss Brill • Onlookers, Passers-by, Students, etc. Some of the minor speaking roles, as well as extras, can be doubled, since they often appear only briefly in one scene. The number of extras used can also vary, as circumstances require MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Kadooka - Ensemble 3. The Teddies Tango - Anne, Ernestine, Martha 4. What Works in the Factory - Dad 5. On My Own - Anne 6. The Slicker Song 7. Hey, Angel - Larry, Moe, Mac 8. As Far As I Can See - Mother 9. The Motion Study Two-Step - Dad 10. The Housework Song - Bill, Fred, Frank, Martha, Lillia, Jane, Ernestine 11. Old Enough to Know 12. Happy Broom - Larry 13. The Happiest Time - Mother, Anne 14. They've Got To Grow - Dad 15. Eskimos