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quickly dashed when the Bugaboos give her a mighty whiff of helium. Charlotte is a triumph that night and then arrives the ultimate honour - a visit from the Queen. Charlotte is showered with praise by the Queen who then takes off her outer garments to reveal Ludlow in disguise. Patrick O'Toole, it turns out, is Bob Sweet in disguise also. They have come to rescue Charlotte. Their plan is nearly foiled by the Bugaboos who threaten to kill Charlotte. After a mêlée in which shots are fired and deflected, Barnaby meets his end when a balloon with a lethal dose of helium detonates and kills him. Katinka vows to reform and then the New Year bells ring out. Charlotte and Ludlow are reunited with a kiss. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. A-Weaving 2. At the Music Hall 3. Bubbles In Me Bonnet 4. Charlotte Sweet 5. A Christmas Buche 6. The Circus Of Voices 7. Darkness 8. A Daughter of Valentine's Day 9. Dover 10. Farewell To Auld Lang Syne 11. Forever 12. Good Things Come 13. It Could Only Happen In the Theatre 14. Katinka 15. Keep It Low 16. Layers Of Underwear 17. The Letter (Me Charlotte Dear) 18. Liverpool Sunset 19. Lonely Canary 20. My Baby and Me 21. On It Goes 22. Quartet Agonistes 23. Queenly Comments 24. The Reckoning 25. Surprise! Surprise! 26. Vegetable Reggie 27. You See In Me Bobby 28. Your High Note! CAST • Harry Host • Charlotte Sweet • Ludlow Land Grimble • Bob Sweet • Barnaby Bugaboo • Katinka Bugaboo • Cecily Mackintosh • Skitzy Scofield DISCOGRAPHY: Cast Recording - DRG 6300