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on quite a new look in the Society Twist. Joe decides that he can't face life near Charlie or without Charlie. He tells Lady Hadwell that he will have to leave her employ, but she encourages him - You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try - to 'have a go, Joe'. His courage fails him, but when Charlie kisses him goodbye - bells ring! Charlie has found her own true love, Lady Penelope, in her underskirt, has captured Jack's attentions, and Wainwright has finally cornered the Lady Fiona. The result is that all Lady Hadwell's daughters are now off her hands at one 'Absolutely flippin' marvellous' go. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Overture; The Most Ancestral Home Of All 2. Bells Will Ring 3. What Would I Get From Being Married? 4. I Love Him, I Love Him 5. What's the Magic? 6. Let's Do a Deal 7. When I Hear Music, I Dance 8. Charlie Girl Waltz 9. The Party of a Lifetime 10. My Favourite Occupation 11. I Was Young 12. I 'Ates Money 13. Charlie Girl Waltz 14. Like Love 15. That's It 16. Washington 17. Fish 'n' Chips 18. Society Twist; You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try 19. Finale (Charlie Girl) (Company) CAST • Pete • Fred • Sam • Fiona • Penelope • Lady Hadwell • Charlie • Nichoias Wainwright • Joe • John Saski • Jack Connor • Mrs Connor • Four suspicious characters • Chorus 1996 London Cast Original London Cast