Shows B

“THE RISING GENERATION” (Leona, Cressida and Orestes) 4a ENTRANCE OF PARIS “THE JUDGEMENT OF PARIS” (Paris) 5a HELEN’S MEETING WITH PARIS “BEHOLD THE MIGHTY KINGS OF GREECE!” (Chorus) “To BE A GRECIAN KING” (Orestes, Calchus, Ajax, Menelaus, Achilles, Agamemnon and Chorus) FINALE ACT I (Ensemble) ENTR’ACTE ACT II OPENING ACT II (Orestes, Nesta and Helen’s Attendants) “THE MOMENT NOW IS DRAWING NEAR” (Helen) “FAIR AND SQUARE” (Helen, Nesta, Orestes, Achilles, Ajax, Calchus and Agamemnon) “O DREAM OF LOVE” (Helen and Paris) FINALE ACT II (Ensemble) ENTR’ACTE ACT III OPENING ACT III (Helen, Menelaus and Ensemble) BALLET REPRISE; “O DREAM OF LOVE” (Helen and Paris) “TWO MIGHTY MEN-AT-ARMS” (Achilles and Ajax) 19a …ENTRANCE OF THE GOLDEN GALLEY FINALE ACT III (Ensemble) FIRST CURTAIN CALL. “OH! ADONIS!” (Ensemble) SECOND CURTAIN CALL. “WHEN DREAMS OF LOVE” (Ensemble) PLAY-OUT OPTIONAL NUMBERS No. 5 “THE JUDGEMENT OF PARIS” (Paris) No. 13 “O DREAM OF LOVE” (Helen and Paris) No. 17a PATRIOTIC TRIO “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE” (Agamemnon, Calchus and Menelaus) Principals: 7 female, 9 male HELEN … Queen of Sparta NESTA … her attendant LEONA & CRESSIDA … young ladies of Sparta PARIS … Prince of Troy MENELAUS … King of Sparta CALCHAS … Chief Augur PHILOCOMUS … his attendant AGAMEMNON … King of Mycenae AJAX … King of Salamis ACHILLES … King of the Myrmidons ORESTES … son of Agamemnon JUNO, MINERVA, VENUS … three beautiful goddesses MERCURY …Messenger of the gods