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BELINDA FAIR A romantic musical in 3 acts, Book and Lyrics by Eric Maschwitz & Gilbert Lennox: Music by Jack Strachey. Directed by Charles Goldner; Musical Director: Walter Stiasny; Choreography: Pauline Grant; Scenery: Leon Davey; Costumes: Jeanne Cochrane Produced at the Saville Theatre under the management of Leslie Henson and John Buckley 25 March, 1949. Transferred to the Strand Theatre 20 June, 19. Closed 16 July, 1949 (131 perfs) A romantic musical comedy - the story of a gallant 19th century girl who joins an army masquerading as her cousin who is too cowardly to volunteer. She falls in love with her colonel. ORIGINAL CAST Cast: 14 Male; 8 Female plus Chorus • Matt (a soldier) - Victor Ranger/out • Corporl Peregrine (of the Wootton faction) - Jerry Verno • Mistress Peregrine - Irene Lister • Squire Wootton (father of Belinda) - Bill Stephens • Prudence - Deidre de Payer • Phillida - Janice Lothian • Belinda Wootton (a young lady) - Adele Dixon • Romilly Wootton (her cousin) - Geoffrey Hibbert • Corporal Crunch (of the O’Malley faction) - Peter Yardley • Sir Patrick O’Malley (a neighbour) - Frank Tilton • Colonel Miles O’Malley (son of Sir Patrick) - John Battles • Captain Faversham - (an Officer of Miles’ regiment) - Manfred Priestly • Lieutenant Ormsby - Geoffrey Paddison • Belle Barrow (a vulgar actress) - Daphne Anderson • Moll Tiplady (an actress) - Phyllis Hunter • Annie Ogle-Eyes - Stella Moray • Sgt. de Marennes - Ivor Beal • Duc de Frisac (commanding the French garrison) - Ferdy Mayne • Lafarge - David Lopian/Victor Ranger • Madame Lafarge - Madoline Thomas • Picot - David Croft • Armand - Geoffrey Paddison with Julian Harris, Fred Dixon, Arthur Robins, Eileen Bradley, Avril Vane, Jean Llewell: Peggy Hahn, Barbara Silverius, Olga d’Este, June Mitchell, Alma Dean, Joy Kennedy-Russ Xander Haagen, Ricardo Davies, Danny Duggan, Edward Fowles, Raymond Pletz, Sol Sieg] Kenneth Luckman. playing variously SUSSEX VILLAGERS, SOLDIERS, DUTCH MAIDSERVANTS, ACTRESSES, FRENCH DRAGOONS, etc., etc.