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appalled. Ollendorf, however, is triumphant, he has been avenged for the Laura’s blow with the fan. ACT THREE In the background the indignant wedding guests are heard leaving Countess Novalska’s palace, grumbling and swearing. Only Bronislava fails to take the matter seriously. She is simply a bit annoyed that the feast has come to such an abrupt end and that she has not yet even eaten. Jan zealously pursues his revolutionary plans. Symon, who is now completely broken, is just the right man for his plans, for he needs a fall guy to convince Ollendorf he is Duke Adam in order to receive the 200,000 florins. Nothing matters to poor Symon anymore anyway, so he sticks the wallet containing the Duke’s papers into his pocket and proceeds into a new adventure. Ollendorf demands that Jan deliver the Duke to him. Jan cleverly understands how to strengthen Ollendorf in his assumption that Symon is in reality the Duke. The angry wedding guests, with Palmatica at the head, make Symon the target of their attacks: swindler, imposter, beggar student. Excitement, turmoil! Now Ollendorf thinks he can play his second trump card. Pointing to Symon, he declares loudly and clearly, “Duke Adam Kasimir is the prisoner standing here.” Suddenly the rejected son-in-law is again a duke, and, moreover, one of their own! Amid the general confusion Laura appears. The proud countess has become a loving wife who is willing to share every plight that befalls her Symon. Now Symon can laugh in the face of all dangers. Just as the Saxon colonel Ollendorf is about to lead the alleged Polish duke to the citadel, shouting and cries of “vivat” are heard in the background, coming from the citadel. Saxon officers rush in and exclaim that the citadel has fallen into the hands of the Poles and that Duke Adam has led the rebels. “But Duke Adam is still standing here,” says the astonished Ollendorf to himself. Yet his eyes have been opened and he realises that, in the end, he is the outwitted blockhead. The couples in love – Symon and Laura, Jan and Bronislava – embrace, extremely happy. Poland is free! PRINCIPALS: - 4 female, 10 male CAST: • Palmatica, Countess Nowalska • Laura • Bronislawa • Oberst Ollendorf • Von Wangenheim • Von Schweinitz • Jan • Symon Rymanowicz • Enterich INSTRUMENTATION: flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, percussion, harp, strings Vocal Score and Libretto on hire only Beggar Student-Complete Operetta