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Act III Scene 19. Part 1 – An hour agone ‘twas the moon that shone (Laine) Part 2 – The white moon lay on the ruined hay (Laine) 20. Why dost thou sigh and moan? (Jacqueline) 21. Mine, mine at last! (Saida) No 21a. Offstage song – With roses red they crowned her head (Laine) 22. So all is lost for ever! – Scena (Saida, The Devil) Scene 2 No 22a. (instrumental) 23. No 23. O’er Mirlemont City the banners are flying (Chorus and dance) No 23a. Exit of Guntran and crowd 24. No 24. Finale Act III – Hail to the lord of our land (Company) CAST • Philip, Lord of Mirlemont (tenor) • Guntran of Beaugrant (baritone or bass-baritone) • Simon Limal (a Weaver) (baritone) • Nicholas Dircks (Burgomaster of Mirlemont) (bass-baritone) • Peppin (a dwarf) (non-singing) • A Seneschal (non-singing) • A Lad of the Town (non-singing) • Baldwyn of Ath (non-singing) • The Lords of Serault (tenor), Velaines (baritone) and St. Sauveur (bass) • The Devil (baritone) • Laine (the Weaver’s daughter) (soprano) • Joan (the Weaver’s wife) (contralto) • Jacqueline (mezzo-soprano) • Loyse, from St. Denis (soprano) • Isabeau, from Florennes (mezzo-soprano) • Blanche, from Bovigny (mezzo-soprano) • A Shrewish Girl (non-singing) • A Matron (non-singing) • Saida (soprano) DISCOGRAPHY Sullivan: The Beauty Stone [Rory Macdonald, Elin Manahan Thomas, Toby Spence] [Chandos: CHAN 10794(2)]