Shows B

18. Finale Act II - "Hail! Duchess young and fair, of aristocratic air, never may your beauty fail! Here's hail, Duchess, hail! ..." Act III - Versailles. 19. Opening Chorus - "Stately grace! Rhythmic tread! Trip the newest dance of sword and fan. Proudly posed! Haughty head ..." 20. Entrance of Principals as Spanish Envoys - "We've come from the land of sunny, sunny Spain ... and a hearing by royalty we wish to gain..." 21. Madrigal - "My lady of the manor may be fair, may be fair. Hey nonny O, none shall say her nay. But Dolly of the milking pail may have as golden hair..." 22. Butterfly Waltz Song - Babette - "Ah... Where the fairest flow'rs are blooming in the summer air 'neath the azure sky, I would dwell 'mid their perfuming..." 23. Finale Act III - "Say farewell to all; one and all must happy be. I invite you to my wedding; none shall be as gay as we..." CAST • Babette- (a village letter writer, afterward a Court prima donna) • Mondragon - (a soldier of fortune) • Marcel - (a painter, in love with Babette) • Baltazar - (a professional conspirator) • Vinette - (his daughter) • Van Tympel - (a clock-maker) • Eva - (his wife) • The King of France • Guzman - (a Spanish officer) • Schnapps - (a tavern keeper) • Captain Walther • Jan • Quentin • Margot • Greta • Joan • Coachman • Footman • Mlle. de la Motte • Mlle. de Rohan • Mlle. Fontanges • Marquis de Villette • Count de Courville • Duc de St. Michel • François • Henri • Gaston • Jacque • Laurent • Theresa • Katrina SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: - Garden of Van Tympel's House near Antwerp. Act 2: - A Roadside Inn near Brussels. Act 3: - Versailles. Period: Seventeenth Century. Babette - Original US Cast 2005