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Philip replies that her soul is beautiful. The defeated Saida throws the stone away, and the Devil picks it up, noting ruefully that the stone always comes back. Scene 2 At the marketplace, the townsfolk assemble once again to greet the victorious Philip. Simon, who is once again dressed in rags, is reunited with Joan. Jacqueline enters in a daze and runs into the Devil, who is once again dressed as a holy friar. She has no memory of her week of service to the Devil, and she asks for the friar’s blessing. Philip enters and announces that he has chosen Laine, “the humblest among you,” as his betrothed. “Though heaven hath set a veil upon these eyes,” he says, “love’s one star ... Shows clear the way that leads me to thy heart.” The Devil quits the town, disappointed that his joke did not turn out as he had intended. Musical numbers Act I Introduction (instrumental) Scene 1 1. Click, clack – Duet (Simon and Joan) 2. Hobble, hobble, now we’ve caught her (Simon, Joan, Chorus) No 2a. Maidens and men of Mirlemont town (Soprano chorus) 3. Dear Mary mother – Prayer (Laine) 4. Who stands within? – Quartet (Laine, Joan, Simon, The Devil) 5. Since it dwelt in that rock – Recit and Song (The Devil) No 5a. Appearance of Laine (instrumental) Scene 2 No 5b. After The Devil’s song (instrumental) 6. The bells are ringing o’er Mirlemont Town (Chorus) 7. My name is Crazy Jacqueline – Duet (Jacqueline, The Devil) No 7a. Entrance of the Burgomaster and Crowd (Chorus) 8. Know ye all, both great and small (Saida, Competitors, Philip, Nicholas, The Devil, Chorus) 9. Finale Act I Go, bring forth old Simon’s daughter (Company) O turn thine eyes away (Saida) Act II Scene 1 10. With cards and dice (Chorus) No 10a. Lute music 11. Though she should dance – Scene with Eastern maidens (Saida, Philip, Chorus) 12. I love thee – Duet (Laine, Philip) 13. I’ll tell them what thou wast (Laine, Saida, Philip, The Devil, Guntran, Three Lords, Chorus of Men) Scene 2 No 13a. (instrumental) 14. Look yon – Trio (Laine, Joan, Simon) 15. I would see a maid – Duet (Simon and Joan) 16. Haste thee! haste thee! – Quintet (Simon, Joan, Saida, Laine, The Devil) Scene 3 17. Up and Down – Duet (Jacqueline, The Devil) 18. Finale Act II – There he stands (Company)