Shows B

someone please have pity upon my lonely state...” 9. Male Quartet and Solo - Jacques - “Bon soir, Madame la Lune, bon soir, bon soir, bon soir, bon soir, Madame la Lune...” 10. Finale Act I - “The majesty of the law I uphold, uphold! ... Uphold! ... The public safety now insists, insists ... Insists! ... They both are daring Nihilists! ...” ACT II - Gardens adjoining the Hotel. 11. Fisherman’s Song - “O-he! O-he, over the waters my bark is gliding ... O-he! O-he, la la la la la! ... O-he! O-he, swiftly its course to my love I’m guiding...” 12. Entrance of Flower Girls - “Flowers so rare gather with care, fresh from the meadows and dew kiss’d bowers, rarest of bloom, sweetest perfume...” 13. Entrance of the Rose Queen - “When the summer wind is gently blowing, with a crimson blush the rose is glowing; sunbeam comes a-wooing...” 14. Quintette - Nichette and Boys - “A little maid the world to see ... with a tra-la-la-la tra-la! ... set out one day for Gay Paree ... with a tra-la-la-la tra-la! ...” 15. Song - General - “A melancholy gentleman, desirous of a laugh, took in the funny pictures on the Cinematograph. His doctor recommended it...” 16. Ensemble and Scene - “To the coffee color’d Prince we all salaam, lam, lam! For a lineal descendant he of Ham, ham, ham! To his wives...” 17. Song - Chickoree and Chorus - “A tale of woe I’ll now unfold, a tale of truth as I’ve been told, about a Bornese warrior who loved a maiden tender...” 18. Hammock Song - Nadine and Jacques - “Sunset fading in the glorious West and twilight shadows falling; the nightingale now leaves his feathery nest...” 19. Finale Act II - “For boys will be boys - the proverb has oft been told; and girls will be girls with a fondness for pearls, and an ear for the chink of gold...” Libretto (Reproduction)