Shows B

27. “He Loved Me Tender” (He Loved Her Tender) (Song) - Samovar, Ensemble 28. “In a Hammock” (Hammock Love Song, or Swinging the Summer Night Long) - Nadine, Jacques 29. “The Jungle Man” (Legend) - Pomare, Maids 30. “Ode de Aphrodite” (Septette) - Countess Nitsky, Nadine, Jacques, Artists 31. Finale - Principals, Chorus CAST • General Samovar, of the Russian legation, at Paris • Nikolas Kromeski, his nephew, a Dutch coffee planter from Borneo • Baron Lecoq, Chef de Surete, Paris Bureau of Police • Jacques Baccarel, an American painter from New Orleans, Louisiana • Chickoree, his valet • Artists, Friends of Baccarel • Victor • Gustave • Jean • Paul • Commissionaire • Waiter • Nichette, the General’s second wife, formerly an actress and model • Countess Nitsky, the General’s sister • Pomare, wife of Kromeski, a native of Borneo • Nadine, the General’s daughter • Artists’ Model • Zulieka • Naouma • Mimi • Ninette • Friends of Nichette, The “S” Girls: • Samis • Sadhu • Sybile • Sorrell • Sarinne • Suzanne • Shanley • Shirley Bathing Girls, Maids, Chairmen, Artists, Officers of the Fleet, Sailors, Models, Nautch Dancers, Aborigines, etc, etc. SCENES AND SETTINGS • Act 1: Grand Hotel at Dinard, in the South of France. • Act 2: Tropical gardens adjoining the hotel MUSICAL NUMBERS (vocal score) ACT I - Grand Hotel at Dinard, France. 1. Introduction and Ensemble - “Frêre Jacques, Frêre Jacques, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez la mattina, sonnez la mattina, Bim bam boum! ...” 2. Entrance of Yachtsmen - Nadine and Chorus - “Ahoy! Aloft! below! The salty breezes blow! Our anchor’s cast and the ship holds fast...” 3. Song - Jacques - “Ah! love was long, was long and ever youthful in those good old Creole days, for men were strong, were strong and ever truthful...” 4. Chansonnette - Nadine - “When but a child of one or less, I must confess I loved a swain most ardently, and he loved me. He told of his affection true...” 5. Ensemble and Song - Chickoree - “A suitor he on bended knee, what idiotic chatter! What means this row? 6. Pray tell us now, whatever is the matter?” 7. Trio - Nadine, Jacques and Nicolas - “The sad display of temper I trust you will not mind; my cousin’s almost gentle when he feels so inclined...” 8. Air - Pomare - “I wander’d through the jungle, a-sighing for a mate, and I cried: Coo-ee, coo-ee! Will