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THE BEAUTY SPOT A Musical Play in 2 Acts. Book and lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert. Music by Reginald DeKoven. Herald Square Theatre, New York - 10th April - 7th August, 1909 (137 perfs) SYNOPSIS General Samovar’s daughter, Nadine is engaged to Nikolas Kromeski but in love with Jacques Baccarel, an artist the general hates because of Jacques’s avant-garde notions of painting. The general is unaware that Baccarel had once painted his wife and called the picture “The Beauty Spot.” Samovar is also unaware that Nikolas has returned from overseas, bringing a bride with him. Jacques and Nikolas exchange disguises, and the new Nikolas convinces the general to buy “The Beauty Spot” after some more clothing has been painted on the model. In the end Samovar is reconciled to Jacques and Nadine’s marrying. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. “Wading” (Opening Chorus) Bathing Girls, Chorus 2. “She Sells Sea Shells” (Song) (Music by Harry Gifford. Lyrics by Terry Sullivan.) - Samovar, Girls 3. “The Ballerino” (Duo) - Nichette, Samovar 4. “Memoirs” - Nichette 5. “Foolish Questions” (Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Lyrics by William Lee.) - Nichette 6. “A Song of the Sea” (Ensemble) - Nadine, Chorus 7. “(The) Boulevard Glide” (Duet) (Music by Melville Gideon. Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz.) - Samovar, Nadine 8. “Creole Days” (Romance) Jacques, Artists 9. “Goo-Goo” (Chansonette) - Nadine 10. Ensemble - Samovar, Nichette, Nadine, Jacques 11. “The Prince of Borneo” (Song) - Chickoree 12. “Toujours la Politesse” (Trio) - Nadine, Nokolas, Jacques 13. “Coo-ee” (Song) - Pomare, Artists 14. Finale Act 1 - Principals, Chorus Act 2 15. Opening Scene: Barcarolla - Victor 16. Fete des Fleurs - Chorus 17. Valse Pas Seul - Nadine 18. “Haut Ecole” (Chariot Song; Ballet) - Ladies’ Octette, Ensemble 19. “(The) Cinematograph” (Song) - Samovar 20. “Choose Her in the Morning” (song) (Music and Lyrics by Paul Barnes and R. Weston) - Samovar 21. “Boys Will Be Boys” (Quintette) Countess Nitsky, Artists 22. The Fete (Ensemble): 23. “Salaam” (Entrance) - Chorus 24. Nautchtance - Models 25. “Pretty Punchinello” (Song) - Nadine 26. Coconut Dance - Artists