Shows B

ACT II - The Ball Room of Bellingham House, London (Next Evening.) 8. Opening Chorus - "Fair women of England, owes England to you the best that it holds of the good and the true. Since England was England, your beauty..." 9. Dance 10. Song - Dick and Chorus - "If on acquiring fame you're bent, take lessons on the drum ... Boom, boom, rub-a, rub-a dab, take lessons on the drum ..." 11. Song - "I wake up in the norning, not exactly with the lark; that bird on toast at supper-time is nearer to my mark. I read my correspondence while..." 12. Concerted Number - "When flying machines begin to fly, we never shall stay at home. Away we'll skip on a half-day trip to Paris, perhaps, or Rome..." 13. Song - Betty and Chorus - "When I left school I had been taught so many things that oh! I thought I knew just ev'rything a little girl could know..." (5 verses) 14. Chorus - "Hail! Mister Beverly, Hail! To say how we're all delighted, words, Mister Beverly fail. So Beverly welcome, Hail, all Hail! Mister Beverly, Hail! ..." 15. "The Social Drum" 16. "Our Brum Chum, popular, perky Joe" 17. The Frolic of the Breeze 18. Duet - Spink and Jane - "Where do you come from, my pretty maid? Zummerzetsheer Zur, Zummerzetsheer. And what are you seeking, my pretty maid?" 19. Song - Dorothy and Chorus - "Slow, slow, dreamily slow, whispers the waltz refrain. Low, low, rhythmic and low, with a note of pleasure, a note of pain..." 20. Duet - Betty and Dick - "When a river of doubt or shyness parts a maid and a would-be wooer, a little Bridge, and a lead of hearts, may carry him safely..." 21. "My little Hyacinth" 22. 23. Song and Chorus (soloist not specified) - "A little boy was crying o'er a flower that was dying, a hyacinth that droop'd its lovely head..." 24. Song (singer not specified) - "By the flowing Zuyder Zee so blue, there's a little Dutch girl I love true; Of my little Gretchen dear I'm dreaming all day..." • Song no. 23 by A. E. Sidney Davis and composed by Hermann E Darewski, Jun. • Song no. 24 was written by A. J. Mills and composed by Bennett Scott. • Songs 15 and 20 by Jerome D. Kern • Songs 17, 21 and 22 were written and composed by Frederic Norton CAST Hon. Betty Silverthorne Lt. Richard Alington Sir Timothy Bun Lady Bun Mrs Goodge Lemon Goodge Mr Beverley Hon. Charles Templeton . Earl of Orpington Viscount Bellingham Tattersall Spink Hon. Dorothy Quorn Countess of Chanson Countess of Orpington Countess Therese Rosemere Lady Delbeck Mrs Alington Miss Truly St Cyr Jane Topit Hot Bun Iced Bun Spice Bun Plum Bun Rice Bun Crumb Bun Penny Bun Youngest Bun Currant Bun Cross Bun Seed Bun Home-made Bun Lord Quorn Hon. Mortimer Gorst