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Beast in his tower. He engages in a fight with him, mercilessly beating and taunting him ("Battle"). The Beast has lost the will to live at Belle's departure. As Gaston moves in for the killing blow, Belle arrives. The Beast immediately turns on Gaston and is prepared to kill him, but spares his life after seeing the fear in his eyes. The Beast and Belle are reunited, but this reunion is cut short as Gaston plunges his dagger into the Beast's back. This act of violence causes Gaston to lose his footing and he falls to his death. On the balcony, Belle assures the Beast he will live but they both know she is helpless to save him. She begs him not to leave her because she has found home in his company ("End Duet"), but despite this, he dies; Belle sobs on his body and says she loves him just before the last rose petal falls. A transformation takes place ("Transformation") and the Beast is alive and human once more. Though Belle does not recognize him at first, she looks into his eyes and sees the Beast within and they kiss. The two sing of how their lives have changed because of love and they dance once more as the company, now changed back to their human form, gathers in the ballroom ("Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)"). ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance) Enchantress: Wendy Oliver. Young Prince: Harrison Beal. Beast: TERRENCE MANN. Belle: SUSAN EGAN. Lefou: KENNY RASKIN. Gaston: BURKE MOSES. Three Silly Girls: Sarah Solie Shannon, Paige Price, Linda Talcott. Maurice: TOM BOSLEY. Cogsworth: HEATH LAMBERTS. Lumiere: GARY BEACH. Babette: STACEY LOGAN. Mrs. Potts: BETH FOWLER. Chip: BRIAN PRESS. Madame de la Grande Bouche: ELEANOR GLOCKNER. Monsieur D'Arque: Gordon Stanley. Townspeople, Enchanted Objects: Joan Barber, Roxane Barlow, Harrison Beal, Michael-Demby Cain, Kate Dowe, David Elder, Merwin Foard, Gregorey Garrison, Jack Hayes, Kim Huber, Elmore James, Rob Lorey,Tatrick Loy, Barbara Marineau, Joanne McHugh, Anna McNeeley, Bill Nabel, Wendy Oliver, Vince Pesce, Paige Price, Sarah Solie Shannon, Gordon Stanley, Linda Talcott, Wysandra Woolsey. Voice of Prologue Narrator: David Ogden Stiers. Swings: Alisa Klein, Dan Mojica, Joan Barber, Kate Dowe, Gregorey Garrison, Rob Lorey. Musical Numbers ACT 1 Prologue - Enchantress Belle - Belle, Gaston, Lefou, Silly Girls, Townspeople No Matter What (Lyrics by Tim Rice.) - Maurice, Belle No Matter What (reprise) - Maurice Me (Lyrics by Tim Rice.) - Gaston, Belle Belle (reprise) - Belle Home (Lyrics by Tim Rice.) - Belle