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to ignore the disastrous economic conditions back home. “Les Girls” (The Trouble Girls) are doing a big production-number, led by Madame Egorova. 32 year old Zelda is unwell in a psychiatric hospital. For therapy, her physician suggests she writes everything about her life down on paper. She feels it would make a good novel. She decides to call it Save Me The Waltz. It takes her six weeks to complete. Zelda, mother Minnie, daughter Scottie, sister Rosalind and Lois Graham sing their personal experiences of being a woman and reminisce on their experiences with Scott. 43 year old Scott visits the hospital where 39 year old Zelda is resident. They walk into the gardens and sing of their enduring love for one another. ORIGINAL CAST: Scott - Micahel Praed Zelda - Helen Anker His Honour/Hemmingway - David Burt Minnie - Susannah Fellows Marsha/Mme Egorova - Valerie Lois - Heather Douglas Young Zelda/Scottie - Katie Foster-Barnes Dexter - Loren Geeting Rosalind/Hell Let Loose - Jo Gibb Eduouard Jozan - Jolyon James Nanny - Jane Lucas Maxwell/Dr. Meyer - Stuart Nurse MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. I’m Dancing (Zelda, Young Zelda) 2. No Can Figure (Zelda and Suitors) 3. Beautiful Magnolia (Scott) 4. Refuse to be a Girl (Zelda, Minnie, Rosalind) 5. Little Miz Alabama (His Honour and Scott) 6. Tomorrow Won’t Happen (Customers, Barmaids and Casey’s Grill Girls) 7. The Letters (Scott and Zelda) 8. The Letters (Reprise) (Scott) 9. Beautful Magnolia (Reprise) (Scott) 10. Beautiful and Damned (The Company) 11. Finale: Act I - (Scott) 12. On the Riviera (The Company) 13. Living Well’s the Only Way (The Company) 14. The Old World Shines Again (Mme Egorova and Company) 15. The Old World Shines Again (Reprise) (Edouard) 16. Trouble (Mme Egorova and Girls of Le Cabuchon) 17. Cocaine Tap (The Company) 18. Dream Ballet (Zelda) 19. Golden Days (Zelda) 20. The Queen of Babylon (Lois) 21. Tender is the Night (Scott) 22. Save Me the Waltz (Scott and Zelda) 23. Bring a Woman (Minnie, Lois, Rosalind, Scottie) 24. Even Now (Scott and Zelda) Beautiful and Damned - Cast Recording