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Dr. Parker arrives at the revival and reveals Ruthie has died, blaming her death on Edgar. The townsfolk are furious and, once again, turn on Edgar. In the ensuing struggle Edgar attacks Rick Taylor; under the pretense of tending to his wounds Dr. Parker administers Rick with a lethal injection to serve as further proof that Edgar is dangerous. The townsfolk form a mob, led by Parker, and pursue Edgar into the woods. In the woods Shelley and Meredith look for Edgar. Together they decide that they will run away from Hope Falls and Dr. Parker. Shelley tells Meredith she is falling in love with Edgar and Meredith’s horrified response causes Shelley to run away deeper into the woods (“Three Bedroom House”). There she meets Edgar and the two comfort each other and confess their love for each other. The Greek God of nature Pan arrives to preside over the union of Edgar and Shelley, with the help of the woodland creatures (“Children, Children”). Ron Taylor, determined to get revenge for his brother and sister, searches the slaughterhouse for Edgar. The mob mistake the noise coming from the slaughterhouse as a sign of Edgar’s presence and Mrs. Taylor sets fire to the slaughterhouse, inadvertently burning her remaining child to death. The Sheriff asks Doctor Parker to placate the mob but, instead, he whips them into a bloodthirsty frenzy and the hunt for Edgar resumes (“More Blood/Kill The Bat Boy!”). Back in the woods Edgar is hungry for blood and begs Shelley to leave him for her own safety. Instead Shelley offers her arm to Edgar for him to feed on (“Inside Your Heart”). Just as he is about to bite, Meredith arrives and reveals she is Edgar’s mother. Overcome with grief and shame Edgar kills a cow and runs away to the cave where he was discovered. Incensed at Dr. Parker’s betrayal and Meredith’s deceit, Edgar pledges to kill the pair of them and embrace his inner beast (“Apology To A Cow”). The mob arrives at the cave as do Parker and Meredith. Together they reveal to the town that Edgar was the result of an experiment gone wrong; a young Parker accidentally spilled a prototype pheromone on Meredith which caused him to go mad and sexually violate her. As Meredith ran home in tears, the pheromone also attracted a colony of bats that violated her as well. Nine months later she gave birth to Shelley and Edgar. Repulsed by the deformed Edgar, Meredith asked Parker to kill him, but he could not and instead left him at the mouth of the cave where the bats adopted him. Edgar begs Parker to kill him, but he cannot; so Edgar reveals that he slept with Shelley. Furious and overcome with grief Parker slits his own throat causing Edgar to leap upon him and feed, whilst Parker stabs him in the back. Meredith tries to intervene but is stabbed as well and the three fall to the ground, dead (“Finale: I Imagine You’re Upset/I Am Not A Boy”). In the aftermath Shelley and the townsfolk reflect on the tale and the lessons they have learned (“Hold Me Bat Boy (Reprise)”). MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1. Hold Me, Bat Boy - Full Company 2. Christian Charity - Sheriff, Meredith, Shelley 3. Ugly Boy - Shelley 4. Watcha Wanna Do? - Rick, Shelley 5. A Home For You - Meredith, Bat Boy 6. Another Dead Cow - Townsfolk 7. Dance With Me, Darling - Parker 8. Ruthie?s Lullaby - Mrs. Taylor 9. Show You a Thing or Two - Full Company