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CAST (in order of appearance): • Alan, nephew of Barnaby • Jane, Barnaby's niece • Uncle Barnaby, a rich miser in love with Contrary Mary • The Widow Piper, a lonely widow with 14 children • Contrary Mary, the Widow Piper's eldest daughter • Tom Tom, her eldest son • Jill, who helps Jack • Bo-Peep, who is a careless sbepherdess • Red Riding Hood, who is devoted to her grandmother • Sallie Waters, who wants to get married • Curly Locks, who wants to wed a title • Miss Muffit, who is afraid of spiders • Simple Simon, who is fond of fairs • Peter, who has a passion for pumpkin pie • Tommy Tucker. who sings for his supper and everything else • Jack, who does chores • Boy Blue, who wants to be a farmer • Bobby Shaftoe, who wants to be a sailor • Roderigo, a sentimental ruffian • Gonzargo, his hard-hearted partner • Hilda, maid of all work in the Piper household • The Master Toymaker, who designs the toys of the world • Grumio, apprentice at the Master Toymaker's workshop • Inspector Marmaduke, of the Toyland Police • Max, the toymaker's apprentice • The Brown Bear • The Sun Queen • The Spirit of Maple • The Spirit of Oak • The Spirit of Pine • The Spirit of Willow • The Moth Queen • Mima • The Volcano Queen • The Giant Spider Dandies, Flower Girls, French Dolls, Punches, Dutch Dolls, Toy Soldiers, Trumpeters, Drummers, Widows, SCENES AND SETTINGS Prologue Scene 1: Exterior of Uncle Bamaby's house. Scene 2: Electrical storm at sea and wreck of the Galleon. Act 1 Scene 1: Country fête in Contrary Mary's garden. Scene 2: Garden wall back of the garden. Scene 3: The Spider's Forest. Scene 4: The Floral Palace of the Moth Queen. Act 2 Scene l: The Christmas Tree Grove in Toyland. Scene 2: A street in Toyland Scene 3: The Master Toymaker's workshop. Scene 4. Exterior of Master Toymaker's castle. Act 3: The courtyard of the Toyland Palace of Justice Cast Recording Recording with “Red Mill” - Download