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BAT BOY Book by KEYTHE FARLEY & BRIAN FLEMMING. Music & Lyrics by LAURENCE O’KEEFE U.K. Premiere - West Yorkshire Playhouse. Shaftesbury Theatre, London - 8 September, 2004: Closed 15 January, 2005 Presented by Bat Boy (UK) Ltd, Michael Alden Productions, West End International Ltd, Kevin Schon and John Newman for Newpalm Productions in association with the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Njng Productions, Plus Entertainment and Matthew Spain • Director Mark Wing-Davey • Decor Madeline Herbert • Costumes Simon Kenny • Lighting Tony Simpson • Sound Mike Walker • Choreography Lynne Page • Orchestrations Laurence O’Keefe, Alex Lacamoire • Musical Director lain Vince-Gatt • Fights Terry King • Projection Mark Logue Union Square Theatre, New York - 21 March, 2001 CAST • Deven May - Bat Boy • Rebecca Vere - Meredith Parker • John Barr - Dr Thomas Parker • Emma Williams - Shelley Parker • Andrew Bolton - Sheriff Reynolds • Gareth Richards - Rick Taylor/Lorraine/Mr Dillon • Julie Jupp - Ron Taylor/Maggie/Clem • Robyn Isaac - Ruthie Taylor/Ned • Maurey Richards - Mrs Taylor/Roy/ Rev Billy Hightower/ Institute Man • David Beckford - Bud/Daisy/Doctor/Pan Ensemble Robert Arhibald, Tim Driesen, Thomas Goodridge, Rachel Lynes, Wyn Moss, Amanda Villamayor SYNOPSIS Based on events as chronicled in Weekly World News, when a group of teenagers discover a pointy-eared, bright-eyed child in a cave in the West Virginia Hills and brought into the sleepy town of Hope Falls, which both intrigues and shocks the inhabitants … STORY: For lack of a better solution, the local sheriff brings Bat Boy to the home of the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker, where he is eventually accepted as a member of the family and taught to act like a “normal” boy by the veter-