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At rehearsal the following day, Jason and Matt's fight scene turns real, and they have to be separated. Peter tells Jason about the vision he had, and that he wants Jason to go home with him over Spring Break so he can tell his mother about them. Jason's had enough, and breaks up with Peter. As students pack to go home for Spring Break, Nadia sings a self-penned ode to spring. Peter leaves wordlessly with his mother, as Ivy shows up at Jason's dorm to apologise for throwing herself at him at her party. When Jason gives Ivy the impression that he enjoyed kissing her, Ivy goes in for more, and Jason gives in. As Peter misses Jason, Matt pines for Ivy, and Nadia begs to be noticed, Jason has sex with Ivy in his dorm room, hoping that this is the right thing to do. Act II Act Two opens in the church, where the scene is set for an elaborate gay wedding. Peter is dreaming again, this time about a civil ceremony with Jason. After Mass, class ranks are posted; Jason has once again bested Matt, walking away with the valedictorian spot. Ivy wonders why Jason hasn't called her since that night, telling him that she has, for the first time, fallen in love. Jason, realising that the feelings Ivy is describing are exactly what he feels for Peter, breaks things off, devastating her. Peter phones his mother finally to tell her his secret, but she won't let him say the words, continually changing the subject. She hangs up on him, but she knows what he wanted to tell her. Alone, she wonders how to deal with what, to her, is a confusing and earth-shattering revelation. With two weeks to go before the show, Ivy misses yet another rehearsal, claiming illness. Sister Chantelle asks the understudy to read with Jason, but she can't remember her lines. Peter steps in, and for a moment, all is perfect, as he dances with Jason. Ivy finally shows up, breaking the spell. Sister Chantelle cancels rehearsal, and tells the students they are on their own for rehearsal – she's through. Ivy begs Jason to talk to her, and he agrees to meet her before the student-led rehearsal that evening. As students move to exit, Sister Chantelle tells Peter to stay. She knows what's bothering him – and tells him that he's exactly as God intended him to be. When Nadia returns to the dorm room, she confronts Ivy about missing rehearsal, assuming she's moping about her brother breaking up with her. They argue, and Ivy reveals the true reason she's been missing rehearsal: she's pregnant . Ivy leaves and finds Jason practising his valedictory address in the auditorium, and there she tells him her news. As Jason reels from the revelation, he wonders whether this is exactly what he wanted all along? He tells her that maybe he does, in fact, love her, but at that moment, Matt steps out of the wings and reveals Jason and Peter's relationship. Peter shows up, then Nadia – and then the entire cast is revealed, having heard everything. With nowhere to turn, Jason goes to the priest to ask the question that has tormented him for years – does God still love him? When Jason presses the priest for an answer, the priest ultimately condemns him. Jason returns to his dorm room and watches Peter sleeping peacefully. As the students lead vocal warm-ups for the show, Lucas passes out their after-party drug orders. As the show is about to begin, Jason pulls Peter aside and makes a plea: run away with him. Peter tells Jason he's done running. Jason nods, knowing it's finished; just before going on, Jason takes a lethal dose of GHB. Right as everyone moves into places, Jason pulls Peter aside to tell him he loves him; they share a final kiss, and the play begins. As the play unfolds, Jason becomes increasingly disoriented. During the Queen Mab speech, he loses his place completely and begins to hallucinate; this segues into the masked ball scene, where Jason has increasing difficulty keeping time as the players switch partners, and he collapses, reaching for Peter. Peter visits the confessional, confronting the priest about his final visit with Jason. Struggling to come to terms with his role in Jason's death, he asks Peter for forgiveness, which Peter grants. At graduation, Peter, Matt, Ivy and Nadia try to process their grief over Jason's death, trying to understand it and wondering whether they could have prevented it. As the senior class of St. Cecilia's graduates, the chorus