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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Captain of the Beavers 2. Band Geeks 3. Keep the Beat 4. Lost in the Brass 5. Good Enough 6. Twirler Girl 7. If I Had a Stage 8. One Look at You 9. Friday Night 10. Team Player 11. The Festival of Champions 12. Get It Together 13. The Back of the BUs 14. Big Shot 15. Lost in the Brass (Reprise) 16. Loser 17. Good Enough (Reprise) 18. Stewart's Exit CAST : - Ensemble Band Members; Offstage Voices • Elliot - Tuba player. Recently appointed Beaver Band Captain, he is eager to prove his competency to his peers, superiors, and especially his parents. Awkward around the opposite sex and slightly overweight. ( Male, 17 yrs old) • Jake - Drummer. An African-American, he is protecting a scarred interior life. After a violent incident at his previous school, the former star football player is forced to transfer to Belleview and join the marching band. ( Male, 17 yrs old) • Laura - Flute player. Though kind hearted and talented, she feels overlooked and longs to stand out from the crowd. Smart and patient. ( Female, 17 yrs old) • Mr. Hornsby - the adored band teacher. Mr. Hornsby is dedicated and passionate, but has bigger dreams than reality will allow. Committed to his students. ( Male, 30-40 yrs old) • Ms. Dixon - the principal of Belleview High. Recently divorced and somewhat neurotic, her commitment to serve the children tends to mangle her common sense. A loving mother with her own "best of intentions." ( Female, 35-45 yrs old) • Natalia - Trumpet player. Eastern European exchange student, she is wise and wry beyond her years. ( Female, 15-18 yrs old) • Nicole Baton twirler. A perky optimist, she is an avid planner and part-time exhibitionist. Keenly aware of her beauty, yet occasionally oblivious to its effect on others. ( Female, 15-18 yrs old) • Spitz - Trumpet player. A show-off with urban flair, his bravado outweighs his talents. His kind heart is his redemptive quality. ( Male, 15-18 yrs old) • Stewart - Clarinet player. He is Ms. Dixon's asthmatic son and the youngest member of the band. Desperately trying to escape the long shadow of his mother. ( Male, 14-17 yrs old) ORCHESTRATION • Drums Cowbell, Drum Set, Mark Tree, Tambourine, Triangle, Woodblock 1 • Electric Bass 1 • Marching Band Parts 1 • Percussion 1 Cowbell, Glockenspiel, Mark Tree, Snare Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle • Percussion 2 Bass Drum, Cowbell, Crash Cymbal, Mark Tree, Suspended Cymbal, Timpani, Triangle, Woodblocks (Hi & Low) • Reed 1 Flute, Piccolo 1 • Reed 2 Alto Saxophones, Clarinet, Cowbell 1 • Trombone 1; Trombone 2; Trumpet 1; Trumpet 2; Tuba ON STAGE • Flute/Piccolo; Clarinet; Trombone 1; Trombone 2: Trumpet 1; Trumpet 2; Tuba Band Geeks: A New Musical (Studio Cast Recording)