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THE BAMBOULA a musical play in three acts by H. M. Vernon and Guy Bolton. Lyrics by Douglas Furber and Irving Caesar. Music by Albert Sirmay (Szirmai) and Harry Rosenthal. Produced at His Majesty's Theatre under the management of L. Morgan 24 March, 1925 for a run of 77 performances closing 30 May, 1925. SYNOPSIS The Bamboula is a Ruritanian piece built to showcase the comical prince of a mid-European country known as Corona. Whilst pursuing the rich Donna Juanita across Europe he becomes involved in a mixup of identities with a young dance instructor and simultaneously catches rumblings of rebellion from home. He solves both problems by despatching the dance teacher to Corona as 'Deputy Bamboula' only to find that the lad becomes popular enough with the princess and the populace to become both husband and ruler whilst he himself is spurned by the Brazilian lady in favour of a German hotelier. CAST OF CHARACTERS • Schmaltz • Donna Juanita da Costa • Oliver J. Oosenberry • Charles • Sadie Oosenberry • Larry Wyndham • Jimmy Roberts • Prince Robert • Larranaga • Morales • Princess Muria • Madura • Marsuma • Prince Nestor Chorus PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Sing a Song in the Rain 2. Your Kiss Told Me 3. Saxophone 4. On Such a Beautiful Night 5. Anything 6. Rio Grandé 7. Spring 8. After All These Years