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redhead in a beautiful gown. The transformation is Bea's brightest moment, and Al takes her around the floor in celebration. Al and Bea return to her home, obviously very much in love, and it appears Bea's fairy tale has reached its happy conclusion, but Al can no longer keep back the truth: he is married, and while he and his wife do not love each other, he will never end the union. This is all of Al that Bea will ever have, and the scene ends as she tries to come to terms with that. The next week at the Stardust, the regulars learn the "new" dance craze, the hustle; tonight, also, the dancers will nominate candidates for a new Queen of the Stardust Ballroom. Angie nominates Bea, but Bea is distracted because Al isn't there. Finally, as everyone departs, Al arrives, all apologies, but even though Bea thinks she has accepted that this is how things must be, she feels afraid and vulnerable. She runs off, with Al watching her go. If this isn't bad enough, she returns home to find her family waiting for her: her sister-in-law has summoned Bea's son, David, from California to help them talk Bea out of her new way of life. Everyone except David attacks her, but Bea remains unshaken in her resolve: "Have you ever been in this house alone? Have you ever been everywhere alone?" Finally, Bea throws them all out. Left alone again, Bea confronts her situation and truly accepts her relation-ship with Al for what it is.Then, one last time, we are at the ballroom, for the biggest night of the year. All the regulars wear tuxedos and gowns. When a drum roll signals the moment for naming the new Queen, Bea is chosen and pours out her heart to her new friends, and to us. She will probably never have Al to herself, but she has found a life. Al leads Bea through one more dance, joined by the entire company, as the curtain falls. CAST: The Family At the Stardust Ballroom • Bea Asher • Helen, her sister-in-law • Jack, her brother-in-law • Diane, her daughter • David, her son • Alfred Rossi • Marlene • Nathan Bricker • Angie • Johnny "Lightfeet" • Martha • Petey • Shirley • Paul • "Scooter" • Eleanor • Pauline Krim • Faye • Harry "the Noodle" • Marie • Emily • Mario • Anitra • Carl • Margaret • Thomas • Bill Dancers; Customers at Bea's Store - Natalie; Estelle; Kathy MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. A Terrific Band and a Real Nice Crowd - Bea 2. A Song for Dancing - Marlene, Nathan: Danced by the Ballroom Regulars. 3. One By One - Marlene, Nathan: Danced by Solo dancers and the Ballroom Regulars 4. The Dance Montage - Danced by the Ballroom Regulars 5. Dreams - Marlene 6. Somebody Did All Right for Herself - Bea 7. The Tango Contest - Dancers 8. Goodnight Is Not Goodbye - Marlene, Nathan; Danced by the Ballroom Regulars. 9. I've Been Waiting All My Life - Nathan; Danced by the Ballroom Regulars. 10. I Love to Dance - Bea, Alfred 11. More of the Same - Marlene, Nathan; Danced by the Ballroom Regulars. 12. Fifty Percent - Bea