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BALALAIKA A musical play in 3 acts: Book by Eric Maschwitz; Music by George Posford and Bernard Grun This is a revised version of the 1933 musical play, The Great Hussar. (19 October 1933) Adelphi Theatre, London - 22 December, 1936 (569 perfs) The show was filmed by MGM starring Nelson Eddy and Ilona Massey but only using one song from the original stage show, "At the Balaika". Even then the lyrics were changed. The remainder of the music used in the film was culled from a variety of different sources. SYNOPSIS A love story set during the first World War/Russian Revolution with the son of a titled family pursuing his love for a young dancer through difficult times. The show starts and ends after the war at a Montmartre night-club ,Balalaika. The initial location is outside the Balalaika Nightclub in Montmartre just after World War I. An old man is singig a sad ballad, "Where Are the Snows?" and the audience is transported back to the Russia of 1914 by way of the story of a lovely ballerina and singer, Lydia, and her high-born lover, Peter. These two young people survive the Revolution, foil and attempted assassination of the Tsar and finally, melt into each other's arms while in exile in Paris. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Overture (George Posford) a: Where Is The Snow - COLONEL and BALALAIKA PLAYER "When each snowflake like a feather seems to float and gently fall" - (Grun - Arr. Posford) b: Where Is The Snow - COLONEL and BALALAIKA PLAYER (Grun Arr. Posford) 2. Moonshine (Arr. Posford) 3. Where Is The Snow - COLONEL and BALALAIKA PLAYER - "When each snowflake … " (Grun Arr. Posford) 4. Curtain Music segue into … 5. Music For Practice Steps - (Grun - Arr. Posford) 6. Sleeping Beauty Waltz (Tschaikowsky - Arr. Posford) 7. The Devil In Red - COSSACKS (off stage) (Grun - Arr. Posford) 8. Devil In Red - CHORUS - "Men from the Don, where the Cossack banners flame" (Grun - Arr. Posford) 9. Exit Of Cossacks (Grun - Arr. Posford) 10. Cossacks Sing Off Stage - a cappella - "Here's the song we sing … " (Grun - Arr. Posford) 11. Chorus - "All a man requires of a woman" 12. Exit Of Officers (Grun - Arr. Posford) 13. Red Rose - LYDIA and GIRLS - "These are his roses … " - (Posford) 14. From Ballet Room To Gipsy Restaurant (Posford) 15. In The Moonlight On The Island - CHORUS - "In the moonlight on the island … " - (Traditional - Arr. Posford) 16. Welcome, Welcome - CHORUS - "Welcome, welcome to the Balalaika … " - (Traditional - Arr. Posford) 17. Two Guitars - CHORUS - "Sweetest music in the world" - (Arr. Posford) 18. Vodka-Vodka - CHORUS - "Vodka, now that's the way to happiness" - (Traditional - Arr. Posford)