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on the shelf.) The Marquis comes in to offer his two cents suggesting what the baker needs is "Feminine Companionship" and offers to "loan" him his nieces. The priest is shocked at what he sees: the nieces flirting with, surrounding, and fondling the baker. The priest harangues against the conduct. The Marquis feuds with the priest. The villagers chime into the fray. Losing control, Aimable throws all of them out of his shop. A town meeting in the church is called. Arguments erupt among the villagers. Aimable joins the congregation and admits to everyone that he knew Genevieve had run off - not to see her mother. He turns over his life savings to the Marquis to avoid the hunting down and imprisonment of the young lovers. After he leaves the church, members of the community agree nonetheless to track down the couple. Alone inside the bakery, Aimable sings "If I Have To Live Alone." At a meeting of the villagers at the cafe, Antoine bursts in claiming to have found the couple in a small hotel in a nearby town. The villagers swiftly agree on a search party, a triad made up of the Marquis, the priest, and the teacher, to go after the outcasts and urge the baker's wife to return home. The women of the village comment bitterly on "Romance," describing the realities one confronts in a relationship between a man and a woman. The scene changes to a small hotel room. Genevieve and Dominique are together but disenchanted with one another. While she admits to her passion for her handsome young lover, she asks "Where's Is The Warmth?" He is asleep on the bed as she gathers her few things and leaves him there. The search party encounters Genevieve at a bus stop on her way to Marseilles. They implore her to return to the village. She answers that she can never go home again. The three men convince the pretty outcast to return... all sins are forgivable. In anticipation of her arrival, the villagers are asked to return to their homes so as not to embarrass Genevieve when she arrives. The only one not to is Thérèse who refuses to withdraw. But the teacher convinces her with a passionate kiss which she interprets as a proposal of marriage. She runs off saying she'll expect him the next morning for the formal announcement. Escorted by the priest and the Marquis, Genevieve walks through the empty street to the bakery and approaches the door hesitantly. It is a tense and awkward moment as Genevieve and Aimable confront one another. She tries to tell him the truth but he refuses to accept any story except that she ran off to visit her mother. He offers her his dinner. Just then they hear their cat Pompom at the window. Aimable bitterly scolds the wicked cat for running off after some hot, young tom and then offers it a saucer of milk. Together Aimable and Genevieve prepare to start tomorrow's bread and light the oven. At the cafe Denise begins the new day and the villagers assemble and together sing their "Chanson" again. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Any Day-Now Day 2. The Baking 3. Bread 4. Buzz-a-Buzz 5. Chanson 6. Endless Delights 7. Feminine Companionship 8. For You 9. Gifts of Love 10. I Could Never Get Enough 11. If I Have To Live Alone 12. If It Wasn't For You 13. A Little Taste of Heaven 14. Look For the Woman 15. The Luckiest Man in the World 16. Meadowlark 17. Merci, Madame 18. New Musketeers 19. Not In the Market 20. A Pan For Pain 21. Perfect Eevery Time 22. Plain and Simple 23. Proud Lady 24. Romance 25. Serenade 26. Something's Got To Be Done 27. Voila 28. Welcome to Concorde 29. What's A Man To Do? 30. When She Gets Home Tomorrow 31. Where is the Warmth?