Shows B

CHARACTERS • THE PRESS AGENT - Introduces us to the theatre, the company and to the revue at the close of the show. • TERRY THOMPSON - Young apprentice who is sexy and tries a heavy seduction routine on first Lee Calhoun and then Steve, as though she were a mature woman - but she is still a kid in her affections toward Gus. • GUS FIELDING - A clumsy, daffy but endearing apprentice, who is a naive, romantic kid in Terry's eyes. • PETER, BETTY, BOB, LIBBY, ANN, DON, NANCY - Young starry-eyed apprentices who work in terrible conditions for the love of the theatre. • VALENTINE WHITE - Mature, responsible apprentice, to whom the others look up, and not just because he has written and composed their revue. He is very attractive to the girls and though dazzled by Jennifer, he eventually realises that Susie is his real love. • SUSIE WARD - A young apprentice who is totally devoted to Val. She idolises him in a real youngersister way. But the optimism and determination with which she succeeds in getting the revue performed proves she has a very mature side, which eventually wins Val over. • SEYMOUR FLEMING - A hard-hearted, penny-pinching man who makes enemies easily, while trying to ingratiate himself with important people. • BUNNY BYRON - A mousy lady who is pushed around by Fleming but very popular with the kids and secretly harbours ambitions to act and generally 'let rip'. • LEE CALHOUN - A small-town Southern playwright who is alone in thinking a lot of himself. He hams his way through everything and alienates everybody with his conceit. • JENNIFER OWEN - Beautiful young actress, ex-child movie star, she is smothered by her mother and fights for the time and space to be herself - preferably in male company. • PHYLLIS OWEN - A real 'stage mum' living her life through her daughter, while totally disregarding her. She herself is a melodramatic actress, often faking sickness to get sympathy and her own way. • STEVE EDWARDS - A young producer who uses his great charm to full effect. The brother of Susie, he has an open heart and is very supportive of the revue. ORCHESTRATION Reed 1: Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute Reed 2: Tenor Sax, Clarinet Reed 3: Alto Sax, Clarinet Reed 4: Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet 3 Trumpets Trombone Percussion Piano Strings MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Where or When - Billie Smith, Valentine 3. Babes in Arms - Company 4. I Wish I Were in Love Again - Gus Fielding, Dolores Reynolds 5. Way Out West - Baby Rose, Quartet 6. My Funny Valentine - Billie Smith 7. Johnny One-Note - Baby Rose