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BAD GIRLS - the MUSICAL A Musical in 2 Acts. Book by Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus. Music and lyrics by Kath Gotts. Based on the popular ITV1 prison drama series, Bad Girls, Garrick Theatre, London. Previews from 16th August, 2007. Opened 12th September 2007; Closed 17th November, 2007. SYNOPSIS Bad Girls – The Musical takes as its starting point the original core characters from the first three series of Bad Girls on TV. Set in the fictional HMP Larkhall, it’s the story of new idealistic Wing Governor Helen Stewart and her battles with the entrenched old guard of Officer Jim Fenner and his sidekick Sylvia Hollamby. It also follows the love story that develops between Helen and charismatic inmate Nikki Wade. Other featured characters include Shell Dockley and her runner Denny Blood, old-timer Noreen Biggs, The Two Julies and the ultimate Top Dog, King-of-Gangland’s missus, Yvonne Atkins. A tragic death on the wing – in which Jim Fenner is implicated – leads to an angry protest from the women and forces Helen and Nikki to their opposite sides of the bars. But when it’s clear that Helen stands to lose her job over Jim Fenner’s misdeeds, the race is on for the women to nail Jim once and for all. The Number One likes a quiet life and has always felt that the “old boys network” is the best way of sorting things out to his satisfaction. The appointment of Helen Stewart as Wing Governor has been imposed upon him and grudgingly accepted. But it wouldn’t take much briefing against her for him to recommend her swift removal from Larkhall. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. I Shouldn't Be Here 2. Guardian Angel 3. Jailcraft 4. One Moment 5. Life of Grime 6. A List 7. The Key 8. That's the Way It Is 9. Freedom Road 10. The Future Is Bright 11. Sorry 12. Every Night 13. All Banged Up 14. The Baddest & the Best 15. First Lady 16. Baddest & the Best Reprise 17. This Is My Life CAST Yvonne Atkins Yvonne’s as tough as nails; a working-class girl made rich through gangland boss Charlie’s criminal gains. She’s intimidating, ruthless and glamorous. When she arrives at Larkhall she makes a huge impression on the other women and wastes no time in taking over the Top Dog position from Shell Dockley. She’s also warm and generous and a force for good against G-Wing’s bullies – officers and inmates alike. Nikki Wade Most of the inmates on G-Wing look up to Nikki. Before her conviction Nikki used to run a nightclub with her girlfriend. She’s intelligent and street-wise with a strong sense of natural justice because of the injustice she herself has suffered. She’s no one’s fool and she easily sees through the likes of corrupt officer Jim Fenner. But she doesn’t always help her own case by being too quick to fly off the handle.