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BLUEBELL IN FAIRYLAND a musical dream play in 2 acts by Seymour Hicks. Lyrics by Aubrey Hopwood and Charles H. Taylor. Music by Walter Slaughter. Vaudeville Theatre, London - 18th December, 1901; closed 26th June, 1902. (300 performances) Synopsis The story tells of a little girl, Bluebell, who is transported into fairyland where she goes on a search for the Sleeping King to restore him to his throne, usurped by "The Reigning King". SYNOPSIS Act I On Christmas Eve, Bluebell, a flower girl, is dismayed that she has not sold enough flowers to purchase Christmas gifts for her little sisters, Mab and Winnie. Mr. Joplin, a wealthy merchant, who is struck by her beauty, has long wished to adopt Bluebell. After a misunderstanding involving the police, Mr. Joplin finds Bluebell in the Strand, among her friends, a group of flower girls and boot blacks. He gives some money to Bluebell and sends her home. In a garret, Bluebell’s sisters and her faithful black cat, Peter, are preparing for Christmas. Bluebell arrives and reads to her sisters the story of the Sleepy King, who has been condemned, for undue thrift, to sleep until he should be awakened by a good girl. The three girls soon fall asleep. Bluebell dreams that the fairy queen and the fairies step out of the fireplace and ask Bluebell to come to the Palace where the reigning King of Fairyland has usurped the throne. Bluebell and Peter soon meet Blib and Blob, who are to escort them from the Palace to the dungeon where the Sleepy King is being held prisoner. Once at the Palace, however, she sees the reigning King and Queen, whom she recognizes as Will and Won’t, Mr. Joplin’s eccentric servants. They are giving a children’s party. Bluebell asks to be admitted, but instead she is arrested. The fairy queen rescues her, however, and leads her to the Sleepy King. Act II Bluebell meets Will o’the Wisp, who will help her. They meet the Fairy Waterlilly, who leads them to the Enchanted Glade, where they find the Magic Oak, which grows above the Sleepy King’s dungeon. Peter kills the dwarf who is guarding the Oak, and the group descends. The Sleepy King has grown old. Bluebell awakens him by ringing a bell, and they all head for the Palace. At the Doll’s Castle, a big party is in progress. Everyone enters, and Bluebell introduces the Sleepy King, who is revealed as the rightful King, and also as Bluebell’s sweetheart, the crossing sweeper Dicky. The reigning King and Queen are dethroned, and Dicky asks Bluebell to be his queen. Just then the Christmas bells chime and Bluebell knows that she must return to her two sisters, so she flees back to the garret. It is morning, and as Bluebell awakens, Mr. Joplin and Dicky come in. Mr. Joplin wants to adopt all three girls, to Dicky’s great alarm. But Bluebell rushes back, and she and Dicky become engaged, and all ends happily. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Opening and Carol - "Hour by hour the dying year tolls its solemn warning; hour by hour the new draws near..." 2. Chorus of Flower Girls and Shoeblacks - "It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time, the best in all the year..."