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BLOSSOM TIME A musical play in 3 acts adapted from the operetta Das Dreimäderlhaus by A.M. Wilner & Heinze Reichert, which in turn, was adapted from the novel Schwammerl by Dr. R.H. Bartsch. Music by Franz Schubert arranged by Sigmund Romberg. Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly Ambassador Theatre, New York - 29 September, 1921 (319 perfs) SYNOPSIS Based on the life and music of Franz Schubert, Blossom Time is a tangled web of romantic intrigue in which Schubert loses his inspiration and his girl, Mitzi Krantz, after his best friend, Baron von Schober has serenaded her with Schubert's own songs. (The show was rewritten for UK audiences under the title Lilac Time.) STORY ACT I. The penniless Viennese composer Franz Schubert and his friends Baron Schober, Vogl, Kuppelweiser and Schwind sit at an outdoor cafe. Schubert is approached by the wealthy Count Scharntoff and asked to compose a love-song the Count can pass off as his own composition. The Count wants to impress his wife, the opera singer Bellabruna, whom he suspects of having an affair with Schober. The three Kranz girls, Mitzi, Fritzi and Kitzi, appear, having escaped from their father, Herr Kranz who doesn’t care for Fritzi and Kitzi’s boyfriends. Papa arrives, discovers the two couples (who are secretly engaged), and before things get serious, Schober intervenes and tells Kranz that the third daughter Mitzi has come for singing lessons with Schubert. He also manages to convince Herr Kranz to accept the two engagements. Left alone with the shy composer, Mitzi says she knows all his songs. Schubert is smitten. ACT II. Three months later, the wedding day of the two daughters. Bellabruna arrives unexpectedly, worried that Baron Schober is also attracted to the young Kranz girl. She tries to poison Mitzi’s mind about an “F.S.” whom Mitzi assumes is Schubert, not Schober. The shy Schubert asks Schober to woo Mitzi on his behalf with a new love song. The power of the music works-but Mitzi finds herself attracted to Schober, to Schubert’s horror. ACT Ill. Two months later. Schubert is very ill, cannot manage to go out to hear his new symphony performed, nor can he forget the image of Mitzi. Count Scharntoff arrives; he has challenged Schober to a duel and Schubert though ill, talks him out of it. Mitzi comes to apologize for the mix-up of the names and vows to nurse Schubert back to health. He gently assures her that she truly loves Schober and reunites the two. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening - Greta, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Vogel, Chorus 2. Melody Triste - Bellabruna 3. Three Little Maids - Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Chorus 4. Serenade - Baron Franz Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogel, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Hansy 5. My Springtime Thou Art - Baron Franz Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogel, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Girls