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BLITZ! Music and lyrics by Lionel Bart, book by Lionel Bart and Joan Maitland Adelphi Theatre, London 8 May, 1962 (568 perfs) In 1940 the East End of London is taking a terrible pounding from Hitler’s bombs. Life, however, goes on, centring around the matriarchal Mrs. Blitztein and her large family, especially her petty-criminal son Harry and her beautiful daughter Carol. They all fight their own particular battles with neighbours and authorities alike, through many situations, many humorous, some tragic, and eventually find their own individual peace. Providing scope for a large cast, it features many hit songs, including “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Who’s This Geezer Hitler?”, and “Mums and Dads”. PRINCIPALS: - 5 female, 4 male, 2 girls Mrs. Blitztein Carol Blitztein Harry Blitztein Siddy Blitztein Rachel Blitztein Cissy Blitztein Alfred Locke George Locke Frances Locke Ernie Nearmiss Joyce Matthews Elsie Tommy Blackwell Buddyboy Mr. Josephs Mrs. Josephs Mr. Murphy Mrs. Murphy Peg Murphy Mr. Sen Mrs. Sen Rajah Sen Ping-Hi Billy Ping-Hi Mr. Finkelstein Mr. O’Hara Mary O’Hara Mrs. Smith Busker Portress Bird City Gentleman Student School Teacher Piper ATS WRNS WAAF Housewife Sergeant Major Mobile Canteen Escapologist Flight Lieutenant Military Policemen Evacuees, Firemen , Policeman, Civil Defence Officials Civil Defence Workers, Crowd in Petticoat Lane, Soldiers and Wedding Guests INSTRUMENTATION: Reed 1 (flute, piccolo, alto sax), Reed II (clarinet, alto sax), Reed III (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax), 2 trumpets Ost cib. flugelhorn), trombone, percussion, keyboard, 2 violins, cello, bass Vocal Score, Vocal Book and Libretto on hire only MUSICAL NUMBERS Another Morning As Long As This Is England Bake A Cake Be What You Wanna Be The Day After Tomorrow Down The Lane Duty Calls Far Away I Want To Whisper Something Is This Going To Be a Wedding? Leave It To the Ladies Mums and Dads Opposites Our Hotel Petticoat Lane So tell Me Tell Him - Tell Her We’re Going To the Country Who Wants To Settle Down? Who’s This Geezer Hitler? DISCOGRAPHY Original London Cast Recording - EMI CDP 7 97470 2