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BLESS THE BRIDE A Musical Show in 2 Acts, 10 scenes. Book and Lyrics by A. P. Herbert Music by Vivian Ellis DIRECTED BY WENDY TOYE. LOUIS LEVY'S THEATRE ORCHESTRA CONDUCTED BY MICHAEL COLLINS. COSTUMES AND SCENERY DESIGNED BY TANYA MOISEIWITSCH Produced at the Adelphi Theatre, London, 1947 (886 perfs) ORIGINAL CAST ALICE CHARITY WILLOW - DIANA BEALL COUSIN GEORGE - STEWART VARTAN ARCHDEACON GURNEY - GWILYM JONES LUCY VERACITY WILLOW - LIZBETH WEBB THE HONOURABLE THOMAS TROUT- BRIAN REECE ANN FIDELITY - JOAN ELVIN CHARLOTTE PATIENCE - PAMELA CARROLL ELIZABETH PRUDENCE - WINIFRED HAMMICK FRANCES FORTITUDE - MILDRED GRIFFITHS MILLICENT PUNCTUALITY - NATASHA WILLS PIERRE FONTAINE - GEORGES GUETARY SUZANNE VALDIS - BETTY PAUL AUGUSTUS WILLOW (Lucy's Father) - ERIC FORT MARY WILLOW (Lucy's Mother) - EDNA CLEMENT ALBERT WILLOW (Augustus's Father) - JAMES HARCOURT HARRIET WILLOW (Grandmamma) - HEBE BLISS NANNY - ANONA WINN BUTTONS - BABATUNDE MACAULAY FIRST GENDARME - ALLAN BOURNE WEBB SECOND GENDARME - VINCENT CHARLES M. ROBERT (Maitre d'hotel Café des Pommes) - PETER LUPINO WAITERS - TOMMY HUDSON, DOUGLAS ORR M. FRONTENAC - EDMUND GOFFRON MARIE DUVAL - MARIANNE JUER 1st CUSTOMER - GEORGE PRINCE 2nd CUSTOMER - RICHARD AUBREY STORY In the Victorian year of 1870, on the eve of the Franco-Prussian War, three generations of Willows occupy the "Grange" at Mayfield-the grandparents, father and mother and their seven charming daughters. Lucy Veracity Willow is about to be married by parental arrangement to Thomas Trout, an unromantic man who, nevertheless, dreams of one day becoming a hero. Thomas has befriended a French actor and actress, Pierre Fontaine and Suzanne Valdis. The introduction of Pierre to Lucy is most unfortunate for Thomas, as they fall in love at first sight. On her wedding day, just as Lucy is ready to leave for the Church, Pierre arrives disguised as a doctor. He persuades Lucy not to go through with the marriage but to elope with him. She feigns illness; he diagnoses a