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THE BLACK & WHITE MINSTREL SHOW Revue devised and produced by George Inns; Choreography by Larry Gordon; Lighting by Laurie Bloom; Costumes designed by Mary Woods; Decor by Stanley Dorfman. Vocal arrangements and routines by George Mitchell. Victoria Palace Theatre, London - First performance Friday, May 25th, 1962 The CAST included: Tony Mercer, Dai Francis, John Boulter, the George Mitchell Minstrels, Leslie Crowther, Margo Henderson, the Schaller Brothers, George Chisholm, the Television Toppers The Programme: George Steele conducts the Victoria Palace Orchestra in THE MINSTREL OVERTURE 1. The George Mitchell Minstrels and Maids and the Television Toppers " ON PARADE " 2. TONY MERCER, THE MINSTRELS and "An Old Soft Shoe" 3. LESLIE CROWTHER, MARGO HENDERSON and GEORGE CHISHOLM in "A Three Point Landing" 4. MEET THE GIRLS 5. GEORGE CHISHOLM and THE JAllERS with PAT ELLIS 6. DAI FRANCIS Pays Tribute to AL JOLSON 7. MARGO HENDERSON The Essence of Versatility 8. THE MINSTRELS, MAIDS and TOPPERS say "We'll Si Si you in Bahia" 9. HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! 10. THE SCHALLER BROTHERS ... International Comedy Trampolinists 11. TONY MERCER and THE BOYS and GIRLS take you 12. "Down Memory Lane" 13. THE JAYE SISTERS 14. COWBOYS and INDIANS! 15. SPEED MANIACS—LESLIE CROWTHER and GEORGE CHISHOLM 16. JOHN BOULIER, THE MINSTRELS, MAIDS and TOPPERS in "Serenade in the Night" 17. LESLIE CROWTHER assisted by PAT ELLIS invites you to 18. "Listen with Mother" 19. THE MINSTRELS ... "Dry Bones" 20. THE COMPANY ... "Doo Dah Dey" THE GEORGE MITCHELL MINSTRELS Featured Soloists: TONY MERCER, DAI FRANCIS, JOHN BOULTER. Maurice Arthur, John Van Best, Jan Bolitho, Steve Bryce, Malcolm Dockeray, Patric Feeney, Paul Haley, George Holden, Rodney James, Arthur Lewis, Danny McGowan, Norman Rich, Michael Rowlatt, Clifton Todd, Bill Tulips, Peter Wade. THE TELEVISION TOPPERS Sandra Fingerhut, Loraine Hart, Wendy Locke, Mandy Mayer, Beryl Martin, Sandra Martin, Judy Morris, Lorna Nathan, Pauline Nichols, Jean Silcox, Kay Smith, Penny Rigden, Connie Reid, Anne Woodward. THE MITCHELL MAIDS Tina Brown, Velta Caklais, Angela Langton, Elizabeth Paul,