Shows B

INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute, piccolo), Reed II (oboe, opt. cor anglais), Reed III (alto sax, clarinet), Reed IV (tenor sax, opt. bass clarinet), trumpet, cornet/flugel horn, horn, trombone, bass trombone, keyboard, drum kit and percussion, electric bass Vocal Score and Vocal Book on hire only (Libretto on sale) MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Ambrosia - Chorus 2. And - Alice, Geoffrey, Gran, Billy 3. Some Of Us Belong To The Stars - Billy 4. Happy To Be Ourselves - Billy, Arthur, Company 5. The Witch’s Song - Barbara, Billy 6. Lies - Barbara, Billy 7. It Were All Green Hills - Duxbury 8. Aren’t You Billy Fisher? - Billy, Comapny 9. My Heart Is Ready When YOu Are - Liz, Billy 10. Billy - Billy, Liz, Barbara, Rita 11. Remembering - Alice, Geoffrey 12. Any Minute Now - Rita, Barbara 13. The Lady From LA - Billy, Company 14. I Can Make A Difference - Liz, Billy 15. Why Can’t I Feel Something? - Instrumental 16. I Missed the Last Rainbow - Billy