Shows B

ORCHESTRATION Piano/synthesiser; Trombone, Baritone Horn; Harmonica; Bass; Guitar, Banjo; Trumpet, Flugel Horn; Drums; Fiddle; Guitar, Banjo, 12-string guitar, Mandolin; Woodwinds, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet I & II, Percusssion MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Do You Want to Go to Heaven - The Company 2. The Boys - Tom Sawyer, the Gang 3. Waiting for the Light to Shine - Huckleberry Finn 4. Guv’ment - Pap Finn 5. Hand for the Hog - Tom Sawyer 6. I Huckleberry Me - Huckleberry Finn 7. Muddy Water - Jim, Huckleberry Finn 8. Crossing Over - Slaves, Overseer 9. River in the Rain - Huckleberry Finn, Jim 10. When the Sun Goes Down in the South - The Duke, The King, Huckleberry Finn 11. The Royal Nonesuch - The Duke, Company 12. Worlds Apart- Jim, Huckleberry Finn 13. Arkansas - A Young Fool 14. How Blest We Are - Alice’s Daughter, Company 15. You Ought To Be Here With Me - Mary Jane Wilkes, Susan Wilkes, Joanne Wilkes 16. How Blest We Are (reprise) - Alice 17. Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go - Mary Jane Wilkes, Jim, Huckleberry Finn 18. Waiting for the Light to Shine (reprise) - Huckleberry Finn 19. Free at Last - Jim 20. River in the Rain (reprise) - Huckleberry Finn, Jim 21. Muddy Water (reprise) - The Company SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place along the Missippi River Valley, sometime in the 1840s. Act 1 • Scene 1: The Widow Douglas’ home in St. Petersburg, Missouri. • Scene 2: A Cave by the River. • Scene 3: The Widow Douglas’ home. • Scene 4: A Cabin on the Illinois shore. • Scene 5: The Cabin; Jackson’s Island. • Scene 6: A Cabin on the Missouri shore; a Raft on the River. • Scene 7: On the Raft in the moonlight, approaching Cairo, Illinois. • Scene 8: On the Riverbank in Kentucky; on the Raft downriver. Act 2 • Scene 1: On the Raft in Tennessee. • Scene 2: In Bricktown, Arkansas. • Scene 3: On the Raft in a nearby cove. • Scene 4: In Hillsboro, Arkansas; the Wilkes’ Farm near Hillsboro. • Scene 5: Next dav at the Farm. • Scene 6: The Farm; the Cemetery. • Scene 7: To the Shore and the Raft. • Scene 8: A Country Road; the Phelps Farm near Hillsboro. • Scene 9: The Phelps Farm, that night; the Raft. • Scene 10: The Phelps Farm.