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broke up with Don, telling him that she barely knew Edward, but she still preferred him. Edward promised to love her forever. Act 2 Edward is leading young Will and some other boys in a boy scouts troop, and tells them the story of when he was in the war and even killed Red Fang, the infamous sniper. Later on, Edward tells Sandra and Will he has to travel for a while for his work as a traveling salesman. Will is upset, but Edward tells him he must be brave and “Fight the Dragons.” In the present, Edward is lying in bed when Will comes in to ask him about the mortgage, as he has always been slightly suspicious that Edward had an affair with Jenny Hill. Edward grows angry, yelling that it is not true and telling Will to get out of his room. He falls into an uneasy sleep and has a dream that he and Will have a Western-style duel over the issue. He wakes up yelling, and as Sandra comforts him, it begins to rain. When Edward says the roof should hold up for another ten years, Sandra tells him “I Don’t Need a Roof ” to feel at home as much as she needs him. Will, still unable to lose his suspicions, goes to visit Jenny Hill and find out the truth. She tells him the story of what happened when Edward returned to Ashton. He returned to find that Ashton was about to be flooded, and the people had chained themselves to the statue in the centre of town out of protest. However, when he realized they only had an hour before the flood and that no one knew they were there, he convinced them all to move instead of drown. He visited Amos and Karl, who had both become rich and successful after being inspired by Edward, and using land from Amos and money from Karl, he provided the people with a new town, including a house for Jenny that he signed for. Jenny told him that she had loved him all this time, and although Edward did have some feelings for her, he told her that he truly loved only Sandra. At the end of Jenny’s story, Will gets a phone call saying that Edward’s condition has worsened. Alone in the hospital with the unconscious Edward, Will tells him that he understands the reason for his stories, and is interrupted by Edward stirring and asking him how he dies. Will makes up his own story of Edward escaping the hospital and making it to the river, where everyone from his stories is waiting for him. At the river, Edward sings of all his memories and friends. However, in reality, Edward dies in the hospital bed. The funeral takes place at the river’s edge, and as the guests shake Will’s hand one by one, he sees that each appears to be the real-world equivalent of the characters from Edward’s stories. A few years later, Will begins to tell his son some of the stories, just as Edward did to him. * Source: Internet Broadway Database MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue – Orchestra 2. Be the Hero – Edward Bloom and Company 3. I Know What You Want – The Witch, Edward Bloom and Company 4. Stranger – Will Bloom 5. My Adventure – Sandra Bloom 6. Ashton’s Favorite Son – Company 7. Out There on the Road – Edward Bloom, Karl, Jenny Hill and Company 8. Sandra’s Wish – Sandra Bloom 9. Little Lamb from Alabama – Sandra Bloom and Alabama Lambs 10. Time Stops – Edward Bloom and Sandra Bloom 11. Closer to Her – Amos Calloway, Edward Bloom and Company 12. Daffodils – Edward Bloom and Sandra Bloom 13. Red, White and True – Edward Bloom, Sandra Bloom and Company 14. Fight the Dragons – Edward Bloom and Young Will Bloom 15. Showdown – Will Bloom, Edward Bloom and Company