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BEYOND THE RAINBOW A musical comedy by Garinei and Giovannini Written with Iaia Fiastri and originally staged in Italy as “Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola” Based on the novel “After Me The Deluge” by David Forrest : Music: Armando Trovaioli Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse : English version: David Forrest Adelphi Theatre, London - 9 November, 1978 (6 month run) Beyond the Rainbow is an Italian musical comedy which was adapted from the English novel “After Me The Deluge”, by David Forrest. The show was first produced in Rome in 1974, where it ran for 3½ years. The London production opened at the Adelphi Theatre on the 9th November 1978 starring the original Father Silvestro - Johnny Dorelli. Roy Kinnear played the Mayor. The adaptors, Garinei and Giovannini had a previous production entitled When in Rome which also played at the Adelphi in 1959, starring Dickie Henderson and Eleanor Summerfield. The adaptors and the composer Armando Trovaioli - were also responsible for such popular song hits as “Volare” and “Arriverderci Roma!” The play is a comedy set in a small Italian mountain village of San Crispino, where the young priest, Father Silvestro, receives a very unusual telephone call which causes chaos in the village, amongst the inhabitants - Clementina, who is madly in love with the priest, her father, the miserly mayor, Toto, the village simpleton and Consolation, a lady of somewhat doubtful virtue, who arrives there on a dowry fund-raising trip. These unusual ingredients result in a musical show of refreshing and different entertainment. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS • FATHER SILVESTRO • ENRICO, the mayor • ORTENSIA, his wife • CLEMENTINA, his daughter • TOTO, a robust but inexperienced young man . • GOD’S VOICE • CONSOLATION, an itinerant prostitute • THE CARDINAL MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1. Come Join Us at the Table - Silvestro & Company 2. Pity - Clementina & Silvestro 3. The Ding Dong Song - Silvestro & Company 4. Throw it Away - Company 5. A Time for Love - Silvestro & Company 6. Consolation - Consolation & Men 7. A Time for Love (reprise) - Silvestro & Company 8. Love According to Me - Silvestro, Clementina, Toto and Consolation 9. A Tiny Art - Silvestro & Company ACT TWO 10. San Crispino - Company 11. Pity (reprise) - Silvestro and Clementina 12. Clementina - Silvestro 13. I Want You - Toto, Consolation & Company 14. Beyond the Rainbow - Silvestro & Company 15. Love According To You - (reprise) - Silvestro & Company 16. Come Join Us at the Table - (reprise) - Company TIME: The Present : PLACE: A mountain village in Italy. Discography: Original London Cast Alburm - MCA - MCF 2874